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Audrina Patridge is still dating Ryan Cabrera, who skips a night out at the club with her because he doesn't want the drama.

At the club, Audrina tells Brody she has a boyfriend. He proceeds to mack on Cavallari instead. Not bad, Brody, not bad.

The next morning, he and Kristin say they like what they have going, but both like being single. So ... friends, benefits? Check.

Spencer Pratt's behavior has been angrier and more erratic than usual of late. Heidi Montag seems to be in denial about it.

The girls all agree that Heidi Montag has changed, while Holly says that their mom can't even hear about her anymore.

In the end, the group seems to agree that the best thing to do is cut them out of their lives. Completely. Forever. Period.

We give it a couple of hours.

The Hills
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