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It's 1976in Zaire. A group of rebels are flying and playing cards.

Wade and another guy from Center for Disease Control are driving somewhere in Africa to investigate a strain of the flu and arrive at a village looking for Dr. Rwanda. The village leader tells them to go to the hospital.

Jahrling can't sleep and gets up to think.

Jaax is headed back to Maryland when Frank starts honking his horn. The bags are leaking.

Jahrling is looking at videos of Ebola virus since all his tests are showing negative of other viruses.

Jaax comes up with a plan to fix the leaking problem, right in the middle of the highway.

A cop arrives to check out what's happening. Jaax leaves and Frank is left to talk to the cop.

She takes the monkey to Level 4 but she doesn't have access. Jahrling shows up. She tries to convince him to let her into the Level 4 lab. He agrees only if he goes with her. He admits that the previous cultures weren't scrubbed.

They discover the strain is Ebola. Jahrling is freaked out and they call the Colonel and send ou an alert.

Jaax and the Colonel meet with Walter at Hazelton to inform him about the virus.

Jaax explains to him the danger of the Ebola virus.

They learn that one monkey is left from Cell H but that it's not eating.

Jahrling goes to an AIDS clinic and wants to take an AIDS test home to do his testing at home.

Ben is camping with his wife and kids and they are starting to get hot and heavy when their kids interrupt.

Jaax visits Jerry at his clinic and they talk about the Ebola virus she found and what they need to do about it.

Wade arrives in town and goes to the facility.

Flashback to his time in Africa. He and Trevor arrive at a hospital looking for the doctor. He's not there but they are told he's in another village.

Jaax receives a message that Wade Carter is there to see her. She goes to meet him.

They talk about what they need to do to contain the virus.

Jahrling is giving himself an inoculation when Ben gives him a test. Then he tells him about the Ebola and they might be infected but there's a 21-day window for infection. Jahrling wants to keep their testing quiet.

Jerry discovers Jaax had the monkeys in their trunk. He's not happy.

Back at Frank's facility, his worker, Bruce who was cleaning the monkey cages doesn't feel good. Walter shows up wanting to look at Cell H.

Jaax and Wade arrive to test the facility and the last monkey.

Wade warns her about the aggressiveness of the infected monkeys.

They approach the monkey's cage. It spits as expected but they're able to sedate it.

Ben arrives home. He takes a shower before touching his kids. He doesn't even want to touch his wife. He explains something bad happened and tells her about the Ebola and that he might be exposed. He even admits that he didn't tell anyone. She's not happy. She wants him to tell somebody.

Jaax gets home and finds the kids gone and only Jerry at home. He asks her what was in her trunk. They argue about it.

Wade goes back to the monkey facility and the workers find him. Then he goes to Jaax's house and tells her he found a sick monkey in another cell.

Flashback to Zaire. He and Trevor are accosted by soldiers. Trevor tells them they are doctors and the soldiers take them to the village which is pretty much decimated.

The Hot Zone
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The Hot Zone Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dr. Jaax: SHF doesn't kill cells like this.
Ben: That's what I'm saying.
Dr. Jaax: There's only a few things in the world that could do this.
Jahrling: User error?

Jason: Have you ever seen AIDS?
Jaime: Mom doesn't see human patients. Besides, Tammy's mom says all the AIDS are in New York --
Dr. Jaax: -- Um, Tami's mom believes that Falcon Crest is a real place. Let's just stick to science. Facts only.