Lucky Charms - The Irrational Season 1 Episode 5
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Announcers at a casino commentate on a game between Ethan and Camille. Ethan is on an impressive streak and wins against Camille. She thinks he's cheating.

Camille is in trouble, so she calls Mercer and asks for his help to ascertain how Ethan is cheating.

Camille was a former TA for Mercer.

Mercer brings Kylie, Phoebe, and Rizwan to Vegas, where they meet with Camille to discuss Ethan's winning.

Marisa turns down a dinner with Jace to focus on the church case.

Mercer talks to Ethan and asks about his secret, and Ethan says it's his lucky charm. Mercer doesn't believe him.

Kylie steals Ethan's lucky charm.

Phoebe gambles on a slot machine and wins.

Mercer learns that loan sharks were harassing Camille after she took a loan out with them. She was on a winning streak, and when she played Ethan a few weeks prior, she lost all her money.

Mercer alerts the tournament organizer to the fact that Ethan might be cheating. She refuses to disqualify him.

Ethan drops out of the tournament. Camille advances.

Camille loses another game.

Mercer thinks someone from the media team is reading Camille's cards and leaking them to another player.

Marisa and Jace find a lead in the church bombing case.

The loan sharks abduct Mercer and threaten to break his legs, but he talks them out of it. He asks for their help in finding Ethan.

Ethan reveals how he knew the cards. Some people had approached him and guaranteed him to win. He shows them the device they used.

Mercer and the team make a plan to throw Hank off his game and catch the people running the scam.

Camille wins the tournament.

Camille apologizes to Phoebe for ending their friendship when she left abruptly.

The team leaves Vegas.

Mercer learns about Marisa's discoveries. She has a suspect.

On visiting the guy, they find he'd committed suicide.

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The Irrational Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Camille: I could really use your help to figure this out. How does a trip to Vegas sound?
Mercer: Intriguing, but isn't there a whole security squad devoted to this type of thing?
Camille: Yes, but they can't see the things that you can.
Mercer: I can't say gambling fraud is my typical wheelhouse.
Camille: I know, but this isn't just about a game, Alec. There's a lot at stake here.

If I want them to talk, I can't hover over them like a psycho with a clipboard. I've gotta blend in.