Zero Sum - The Irrational Season 1 Episode 4
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Kylie keeps receiving text messages but ignores them.

Mercer heads to a book signing. A man approaches Mercer, asking for help finding his missing daughter.

He has read Mercer's books and knows his tricks.

The kidnapper calls and demands a ransom, which confuses Mercer because the family can't pay, and the kidnapper must know that.

Rizwan oversees teaching a class with Mercer absent.

Mercer ropes in Marisa on the case.

New parties arrive. They are a man Mrs. Moore had an affair with who was also her boss.

They have a corporate fixer to help with the kidnapping.

Mercer and the fixer play a couple to go on an undercover drug buy.

The drug dealer is Veronica's boyfriend, who uses a drone and spots the cops, and a car chase ensues.

Mercer wants Rizwan to teach another class in the afternoon after he bombed the morning class.

Marisa interrogates Cory, and Mercer deduces he's innocent.

Veronica calls Keith with a list of demands from the kidnapper.

Mercer gives Rizwan a pep talk.

Kylie helps Mercer figure out who the kidnapper is.

They think it's Trey.

Based on the ransom figure, Mercer thinks Trey and Veronica are working together.

Mercer thinks zero-sum bias is in the works with Trey because he thinks Veronica stole his father's attention from him.

Rizwan gives a successful lecture.

Mercer and the team figure out where they might be, but Trey's father gets there first. Trey shoots his father.

Mercer talks Trey down by showing him that his father loves him and not more than he does Veronica.

Trey puts the gun down.

Marisa gets an interview with the church bomber.

Keith and Mercer talk about relationships, family, and kids.

Kylie makes dinner for her and Mercer.

Marisa interviews the church bomber, who keeps admitting to the church bombing, but Marisa thinks he's lying.

She knows he made the bomb but did not bomb the church.

She thinks he's covering for someone.

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The Irrational Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Given your guilty fidgeting, Keith's hostility, and Ted's inability to look away from you, I'm pretty sure you and Ted had an affair. Long term? You ended it. You and Keith stayed together, but it's still a source of tension in your marriage.


Zero Sum bias is the misbelief that nonmaterial resources like love, respect, even good grades are finite. Such that if one person wins, then another one has to lose. The worst part about Zero-Sum bias is that it can make a situation where everyone could win into a cutthroat competition, making win-win into win-lose.