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In hour two of the show, Richmond's campaign attempts to deal with possible bad press from the murder since Richmond's alibi for the weekend involves revealing his affair with Gwen. Linden presses the councilman to keep the information under wraps for now, but Richmond tries to do an interview that will make him look like a helpful citizen in the investigation. Unfortunately, the information is leaked to the press before he can hold a press conference to spin the story. The leak in his organization hasn't yet been found, so he authorizes a search of the emails for his closest advisors, Gwen and Jamie, the campaign manager.

Detectives Linden and Holder attempt to uncover possible suspects for Rosie's murder, with the former again delaying her flight to Sonoma. Questioning Rosie's best friend Sterling and former boyfriend Jasper yields very little information, although Holder is suspicious of Jasper who's father has lots of money and influence. When interviewing groups of students who attended the dance and reviewing the video from that night, Linden and Holder find nothing. Linden tries to leave again with her son, while Holder uses some unorthodox tactics to find a hidden "party" room in the school's basement - the Cage.

Linden finds out that Rosie was put in the trunk alive and drowned to death while trying to claw her way out. This information draws her back in to the investigation and she returns to the school to see Holder's discovery. In the Cage, the detectives find a bloody mattress and walls smeared with bloody hand-prints.

The Killing
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