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Linden and Holder prepare to make an arrest on Bennet Ahmed, except the judge refuses to sign a warrant.

Ahmed returns to school to teach but is met with negative reaction from the students and staff.

Ahmed's wife is suspicious of his phone calls and learns he has been contacting a man named Muhammed Hammid. She goes to the police with the information which leads to his capture.

Mayor Adams responds to allegations of a mistress by citing Richmond's team of creating lies. He claims it is impossible to have relations with the woman, as well as have her child.

Richmond feels backed into a corner in his attempts to win the political election. He goes to Tom Drexler looking for money. Drexler agrees to give him 5 million dollars if he can make a basketball shot.

Muhammed decides to talk. At first Linden and Holder believe he is talking about Rosie. They learn he and Ahmed were helping a girl escape female circumcision and an arranged marriage. He takes them to her location.

After his wife's distress about Ahmed remaining free, Stan Larsen and his friend Belko Royce capture Ahmed. They beat him senseless.

Mitch discovers her daughter's pink shirt was not missing and realizes she made a mistake when Linden showed her the photo. She tries to call Stan to stop him, but he doesn't answer.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

At least you've got Sanoma. I mean, by the weekend I'm going to be working as a security guard at the Space Needle.

Stephen Holder

If Oakes has his head three and a half feet up his ass and Judge Elliot has his head 18 inches up his ass, how many total feet of ass do you get?

Stephen Holder