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The investigation into Rosie Larsen's murder is stalled when the FBI confiscates the case files and refuses to share the evidence from the meat locker. Mohammed and the mosque are linked to a terrorist organization and the case is too important to be comprised by the murder investigation.

Linden is able to snap a picture of girl's t-shirt from the strange bedroom inside the padlocked storage room, and Mitch confirms that the shirt belonged to Rosie. However, Linden hits another bump when her son Jack emails the case photos to all of his friends and the media gets a hold of them.

Linden also finds out that Holder is a recovering addict when she follows him to an AA meeting. Holder tells her that he put a phone tap on Ahmed's phone, which reveals that Ahmed and Mohammed are waiting on some passports.

Mitch absentmindedly leaves her kids in the garage with the car turned on, but Terry arrives just in time to save them from carbon monoxide poisoning. Stan decides to pack up Rosie's room because of this incident, but this angers Mitch who puts the room back together.

Upset by the parole hearing for the drunk driver who killed his wife and the Adams smear campaign, Richmond releases a story to the media about Adams paying to house a mistress in town; but, he seems to regret his decision.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You know he's weak, Gwen, and you know he's going to lose this thing because of it.


Let me guess, he kinda knows you don't really want to go.

Jack Linden