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On this week's episode of The Killing…

After an initially called off search, Linden and the police force search for Holder and find his broken body on Indian land.

Holder is taken to the hospital to recover while his sister and her son watch over him.

Linden meets with the maid that gave Holder the matches in last episode. She found Rosie's backpack in the casino dumpster and dropped it off at the Larsen's.

She learns that Rosie wasn't a prostitute but rather a paid under the table maid and waitress for the casino. The two used to smoke on the mysteriously locked tenth floor. Rosie wasn't supposed to be working but she was at the casino the night of her murder.

Stan attempts to find possible leads on who killed his daughter.

Richmond refuses to explain where he was on the night of Rosie's murder and confronts Mayor Adams about the doctored photo.

Lt. Carlson forces Linden to turn over her badge and gun.

Linden puts her son Jack on a plane to be with his father.

Holder returns to work with Linden and the two head off to find Rosie's key to the tenth floor.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Nothing personal detective, but I don't like you.


Just got to row with the flow, like my man Bruce Lee.