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On this week's episode of The Killing…

Linden and Holder go off the reservation after the Larsen case is reassigned to county.

Holder trashes Gil's place in search of the missing files and evidence. The two manage to find them in a storage unit, as well as the key to the tenth floor of the casino.

Mitch meets up with David Rainer, Rosie's real father. She learns that Rosie was planning to run away. Mitch tells David that Stan was the real father and she doesn't tell him Rosie was killed.

Stan deals with Tommy acting out.

Richmond meets with Chief Jackson about the waterfront property and allowing anything build on their land to be tax free. When she doesn't agree to let the police investigate the casino, he ends the negotiation.

Gwen tries to blackmail Mayor Adams.

Holder distracts the casino security to allow Linden to get to the tenth floor. She discovers that Rosie wanted to look at the city one last time before she left.

Linden manages to find a bloody City of Seattle keycard meaning that someone else was in the room besides Aames and Jackson.

Someone attacks Linden.

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