Ellie and Tess Looking at the City - The Last of Us
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Tess and Joel are adamant that something is amiss with Ellie, but they reluctantly believe she what she told them.

They wanted to know more about who she was and why she was being transported.

They were both laughing when she said she would help save the world because they heard that a lot throughout their time in the quarantine zone.

Tess and Joel agree to proceed with the mission because they know it's the right thing to do.

Tess tells Ellie that she needs to watch out because, even though she's immune, she isn't immune to being torn apart.

Ellie asks for a gun but they say no. They try to go the long way into the museum because the short way is filled with the infected.

Ellie is told that standing on a particular bit of the fungus will alert everyone person infected that is tethered to it to her appearance.

They cut through a museum and the ceiling caves in when they get upstairs, alerting two clickers to their location.

Joel tells Ellie that they can't see but can hear, so be quiet. A fight breaks out and they all fight for their lives.

Tess saves them in the nick of time but rolls her ankle. Her demeanor changes in the aftermath, telling Joel they need to finish the mission.

Ellie was bitten, and they're worried, but when they get to the building with the fireflies, they're all dead.

Joel concedes that one of them turned and killed the others. They accidentally stand on a bit of the fungus, alerting the infected to their location.

Tess reveals she was bitten and starts pouring liquid and weapons over the room.

Joel doesn't want to leave her, but she grabs Ellie's arm and says that this is real and they can save the world.

She tells him to get to Bill and Frank's and they'll take her off his hands, but he's unsure.

In a split-second decision, he grabs Ellie and drags her out of the building as she kicks and screams.

Tess blows the building up, killing the infected.

Joel and Ellie watch from afar, checking if any of the infected escape.

In a flashback, we are taken to Jakarta, where a scientist is told about the fungus and how it spread in the flour.

She concedes that the only way to salvage the world is to nuke the cities with the infected.


The Last of Us
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The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Look, this is real. Get her to Bill and Frank's. They'll take it from there.


Ellie: I went into the mall.
Tess: Did you go alone?
Ellie: Yes.
Tess: You got balls, kid.