Marlene: Please, you can't kill me.
Joel: I have to, or else you'd just keep coming after her.

Ellie: Fuck. So cool.
Joel: Ellie, where are you?

Ellie: On my life, you're telling me the truth about what happened at the hospital.
Joel: Yes.

Anna: You have to kill me.
Marlene: I can't.
Anna: You have to.

Man: I don't mean to question your sense of mercy, David, but she's just another mouth to feed.
David: If we leave her out here, she'll die.
Man: Maybe that's God's will.

The others wanna kill you. Let me protect you.


You need to get better, Joel.


You won't survive out there for long. There's room for you in our group if you want.


You're not going to kill me, are you?


Ellie: You scared me.
Riley: That was the point.

Joel: Leave me here. Get Tommy, he'll take you to the Fireflies.
Ellie: No.

There's a girl with him.