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Helicopters circle as the ship is boarded and taken over by Avocet. The crew decides to comply for now, and to hide the identities of their passengers and the cure. XO Slattery convinces Avocat to try and save Quincy.

Chandler and his family car jack a van to escape the quarantine facility.

Amy Granderson orders that the Olympia facility be kept fully operational.

The crew is moved into the hanger of the ship. A crew member jumps overboard. Quincy fights for his life on the bridge. XO notices that the doctor has hidden the primordial strain in his kit.

Green patches up Jeter. Chandler arrives, and they decide to not attempt a return to the Nathan James but to rescue Dr. Scott. The Chandler kids are scared when they are left with Jeter. Chandler leaves with the others to 

Granderson tries to convince Rachel to cooperate with Avocet. She claims that she will change policy and help everyone if Rachel complies. Rachel makes a deal to administer her remaining doses to those already ill.

Jeter, Grandpa, and the kids break into an abandoned house to make camp. 

The crew remains hostage, but the crew member who jumped has snuck back onto the ship and turns up the thermostat. The Avocet doctors are frustrated when they can't find the primordial strain. 

Tex gets shot at by a kid after raiding a house. The kid explains what Avocet is doing.

Alisha is escorted to new quarters, and is disturbed by the compliance of the Avocet citizens.

One of the state troopers threatens Quincy and the others on the bridge as the search for the primordial strain continues.

Danny drives a truck full of bodies into Olympia with Chandler in disguised in the back. At the facility, bodies are loaded onto a conveyor belt. after a shootout with the staff, they shut down the furnaces.

A kid sells a fake cure on the street when Rachel pulls up in an Avocet van. She administers the cure to those on the street, and the doctor with her disavows prior knowledge of Olympia..

Chandler and his team take over Olympia and meet the rebels fighting against Avocet. 

Jeter and Grandpa feed the kids, but Sam is sick. 

The crew fakes an emergency, and negotiates a move to the mess deck. Miller "fixes" the problem that XXXX created with the thermostat. Andrea creates a distraction, and two of the crew slip away. 

Jeter leaves to find medicine while Grandpa gets Sam into a cold bath.

Rachel is treating a mother and child but there is only one treatment left. 

New citizens are being brought into Avocet, Tex among them. A family is being kicked out.

Chandler meets with the resistance leaders and they enter into a tentative alliance.

The doctor starts the adrenaline drip on Quincy, and the trooper looks through the doctors bag where the strain was hidden. 

The three rogue crew members make a plan to take back the ship.

In the mess, Quincy's family is outed. Kelly volunteers to go with the Avocet lackeys. On the bridge, the trooper threatens her. Quincy claims to have hidden it, and removes his bandages. 

Thorwold takes Chandler to the resistance camp, which is full of refugees. 

Granderson tries to talk her daughter into helping her, but Alicia stays loyal to the Navy and Chandler. 

Jeter is followed from the pharmacy.

Dr. Hamada finds Lt. Kara Foster's medical file.

XO Slattery is locked up and Lt Foster is taken hostage. Slattery escapes through a hatch in the floor. 

Rachel is being taken to Granderson when Tex gets on the same elevator and frees her. 

Sam is still sick, and Ashley doesn't want to wait for Jeter to return.

Tex and Rachel watch Lt Foster being brought into Avocet so that her baby's stem cells can be used to make a vaccine. They decide to rescue her and Alisha.

Chandler and Thorwold prepare to take Avocet.

Lt Foster fights back as Dr. Hamada gags and threatens her.


The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I don't know you. At this point, I don't trust anyone I meet in this town. But I know Granderson fears and hates you, so I'm operating on the premise that my enemy's enemy can be my friend. If that's the case, we can help each other.

Cpt Chandler

Quincy Tophet: Okay, please. I hid it. I know where it is.
Trooper: I'll kill her, you know I will.
Quincy Tophet: Okay. Okay. Okay. Forgive me. I'm so sorry.
Trooper: Where is it?
Quincy Tophet: You'll never find it. [removes bandages]