Miller: We've been waiting, like, 50 years to invade this shitbox island. Am I right?
Marine: My mother's Cuban.

This wasn't on you, Ensign.

Slattery [to Clayton]

This is about adjusting a balance. The United States have been bullies for too long. This movement is a rebirth.

Tavo [to Nina]

Tom: When's the last time you jumped?
Danny: On purpose? I don't know. Six or seven years?
Tom: It's like falling off a bike.

Tom: Good luck.
Sasha: Hoo-rah.

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Slattery: Lima Team, what is your status?
Sasha: Our status is livid, Admiral. Why weren't we jamming those artillery batteries?

Our team is dropping in with a two-ton gift of small arms and light weapons. Whatever their size, I promise you that militia will be well outfitted.

Slattery [to President Reiss]

Trust in anything coming out of Gustavo's camp is in short supply.


Kelsey: I don't know where else to go.
Elli: A police station would be a start.

Burk: We haven't sprung any leaks. That's a good thing.
Kara: Roger that.

I didn't jump out of a plane to get killed by friendly fire. You guys want to lower your weapons?

Tom [to Lima Team]

Admiral, we have a lot to discuss.

Fuentes [to Tom]

The Last Ship Quotes

What do we tell the crew?
Chandler. Everything. We tell them everything.


Are you telling me the whole world is dying and they sent two people to save it?