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- Sutton tells Ethan to stay away from Emma and keep things a secret.

- Emma tells the Mercers that Ethan is her boyfriend.

- Laurel and Char both like the same guy, but he likes Laurel.

- Thayer helps Sutton confront the woman whose name is on their birth certificates.

- Sutton and Emma were originally both adopted by wealthy families, but their mother went back for Emma.

- Mads is hooking up with her ballet instructor.

- Mads' father goes to LA, breaks into Thayer's apartment, uses his laptop, and spies on him and Sutton.

- Mads' father frames Ethan for stealing Sutton's laptop.


The Lying Game
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The Lying Game Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

If you weren't worried then why'd you tell him you love him?

Thayer [to Sutton]

Emma doesn't call me sexy...yet.