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- Jordan is Rebecca's stepson and knows nothing about her daughters.

- Sutton tells Emma she's into Ethan again and wants her blessing.

- Rebecca decides to throw Jordan a welcome party and wants him to know Laurel.

- Sutton gives Ethan a term paper to use as his own.

- Mads visits Alec in jail.

- Mads is drinking a lot.

- Ted and Kristin go to counseling.

- Laurel's band performs at Jordan's party.

- Rebecca pretends to care about Ted and Kristin.

- After arguing with Emma, Ethan heads to Sutton's cabin.

The Lying Game
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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Sutton: So it's totally cool if Ethan and I give in to the obvious chemistry between us?
Emma: Yes. It's so fine. Sutton, he is all yours.

Jordan is a bit of a wild card, and that's the last thing we need right now.