On The Magicians Season 3 Episode 7, Poppy joins the quest for the dragon-eaten key while Margo and Eliot take on the Fairy Queen. Discover what happens when you watch The Magicians online!

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Margo and Eliot have decided to move full steam ahead with their plans to use the Fairy Queen’s eggs as bargaining chips. To hide them from her grasp, they return to Brakebills where they ask a fellow student to watch over them. Unfortunately, Fray sees them--an event that may have dire repercussions later on. Upon the High King and High Queen’s return to Fillory they attempt to hatch their extortion plan, using the threat of harming the eggs as a means of manipulating the Fairy Queen into a deal that would unearth the fairies presence to all of Fillory.

Back at Brakebills, Alice was saved upon the return of Eliot, Margo, Quentin, and Poppy, but now she must face the reality that she could lose magic again. Julia, on the other hand, must come to terms with her responsibility for it. As Alice goes to dire measures to preserve her recently acquired powers, Julia must dig deep within herself to find ways to protect Alice before she kills them both. Meanwhile, Penny and Kady attempt a reunion after Quentin and Poppy reveal that an old, new friend of Kady’s can help them get Penny to the Underworld so he can retrieve the key they lost. But the cost to get what they want is much steeper than they anticipated.

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On The Magicians Season 3 Episode 7, Quentin and Penny attempt to retrieve a lost item, while Margo makes a bold stand against the Fairy Queen.

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The Magicians
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The Magicians Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Penny: So you lost the key in the Underworld and now want me to somehow go down there and get it.
Quentin: Well, you’re my only friend who is technically dead so--
Penny: For the millionth time, dumbass, I’m not dead. I’m an astral projection.
Quentin: No offense, but your corpse is ash, so I think you may be in a little bit of denial. I mean, look, weren’t you supposed to report to the Underworld branch of The Library anyway?
Penny: Yeah, and I burned my body to avoid that.
Quentin: Look, if we do not get to the Underworld before Benedict moves on--whatever that means--than we will have no idea where the key goes.
Penny: Not my problem.
Quentin: No magic is everyone’s problem. Do you think that I like begging for help, especially to you? I wouldn’t even do it except I know that you occasionally stop being a dick when the fate of the world is at stake.
Penny: Fine. I’ll help.

Poppy: Anyways, do you think your ghost friend is going to be able to help us?
Quentin: There is no us. I’m going to go talk to Penny alone, and you’re going to go back to whatever life you were willing to backstab me for.
Poppy: Okay, I’m kinda sensing some hostility here.
Eliot: Q!
Quentin: Oh good. Hey, I don’t know if it was just a super anxious rabbit, but your message made things seem kinda--
Eliot: Dire? They are.
Poppy: Are those supplies?
Margo: Hostages. Who the fuck are you?
Poppy: I’m Poppy. I’m helping Quentin find the next key.
Quentin: No, she’s not helping me. We’re--
Eliot: Okay, can we hit pause on the recap until we’re back where our pasty usurpers won’t kill us?