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Din and Grogu are on their way to Tython as instructed by Ahsoka, to bring Grogu to the seeing stone and back to his own kind.

On the planet, Din places Grogu on the stone.

A force field goes up around Grogu and the stone, so Din cannot approach him to escape when company arrives.

Din is attacked by a man in a robe. It's Boba Fett, who wants his armor that Din was gifted by Cobb Vanth on Tatooine.

Din threatens him and Boba informs he has a sharp-shooter aimed at Grogu ready to strike before his body hits the ground.

The sharp shooter turns out to be bounty hunter Fennec Shand.

Another ship arrives carrying attacking stormtroopers who want The Child. They are mostly destroyed by Boba, Fennec, and Din.

Din still cannt approach Grogu on the stone as yet another ship arrives. The forcefiels rises after Din goes off to continue fighting, and Grogu passes out from exhaustion.

Boba reenters the scene with his armor on and indestructibly  fights off the troopers whose survivors flee on ships he then shoots at and destroys.

A blast from the sky (ordered by Moff GIdeon) blows up the Razor Crest. Boba flies off to his ship.

Moff and crew dispatch dark troopers from their ship, who each fly to the seeing stone. They retrieve the exhausted Grogu.

Boba follows the kidnappers in his ship and sees the Imperial Cruiser, making him aware that "The Empire is back."

The only thing that survived the Crest's destruction was the beskar rod Din was given.

Boba assures Din that he and Fennec will find The Child and ensure his safe return to Din, as part of his debt from being given his father's armor.

Din returns to Cara Dune -- now the Marshal of the New Republic -- to ask for help locating ex-Imperial sharpshooter Migs Mayfeld in the prison registry, apprehended on a derelict prison ship near the Dilestri system.

Din wants Cara to have him released to help him locate Gideon's light cruiser.

She is hesitent, as an officer, but agrees when she hears they have The Child.

Incontainment on the cruiser, Moff  Gideon witnesses Grogu using the Force to attack stormtroopers. Such actuvity makes Grogu very sleepy.

Moff shows Grogu his dark saber.They put Grogu to sleep.

Moff instructs a crew woman to inform Dr. Pershing they have their "donor."

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The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

This is the "seeing stone." Are you seeing anything?


Well, I guess this is it; does this look Jedi to you?