I appreciate you letting me speak here tonight. The Amnesty Program saved my life. There are many of us who had no choice in working for the Empire, but now, the New Republic has given us a second chance. So thank you. I believe that pursuit of knowledge is the most noble thing someone can do. Sadly, my research was twisted into something cruel and inhumane, at the behest of a desperate individual intent on using cloning technology to secure more power for himself. But despite the shameful work of my past, I now hope to help the New Republic in whatever way I can. Though that work is now behind me, and I regret what I did, I assure you that my original intentions were good. When I was young, I lost my mother, the person who I admired most. Her... Her heart gave out. Had simple organ cloning been available on my homeworld, her death would have been easily preventable. It was then that I vowed to make it my life's work to help others avoid such needless loss. Thanks to the groundbreaking work of the Kaminoans, we know that cloning can duplicate an individual from a single genetic strand. What my work explored was the hopes of combining multiple strands to create replicas that incorporated the best genetic attributes of both donors.

Dr. Pershing

Din: I'm sending jump coordinates.
Bo-Katan: To where?
Din: Someplace they won't find us.

Din: Bring me to my ship and I'll be on my way. You will forever have my gratitude.
Bo-Katan: I would invite you in for a feast, but I'm guessing that helmet isn't coming off again.
Din: This is the Way.
Bo-Katan: This is the Way.

Din: I am redeemed.
Bo-Katan: I witnessed it. You bathed in the Living Waters. You are Mandalorian again.
Din: Can we leave now?
Bo-Katan: Can I ask you something?
Din: What is it?
Bo-Katan: You see anything down there?
Din: I saw the chasm passing me as I fell. I didn't realize it was so deep.
Bo-Katan: It wasn't. The bombings from the Purge must have triggered seismic activities. Did you see anything alive?
Din: Alive? Like what?
Bo-Katan: Nothing. Let's get out of here.

Din: This area looks much older.
Bo-Katan: The mines have been here for thousands of years. The Living Waters are in the chambers below.
Din: Have you been there?
Bo-Katan: Yes, when I was a child.
Din: Really?
Bo-Katan: I was part of the royal family. I took the Creed and was showered with gifts. But the rituals were all just theater for our subjects. They loved watching the princess recite the Mandalorian tenets as her father looked on proudly. Such a heart-warming spectacle.
Din: Maybe he was proud.
Bo-Katan: I know he was. I didn't embarrass him in front of everyone.
Din: Your father sounds like an interesting man. I would've liked to have known him.
Bo-Katan: He was a great man. He died defending Mandalore.
Din: This is the way.

Din: What is this?
Bo-Katan: You've never eaten pog soup?
Din: No.
Bo-Katan: Can you appreciate the irony? Any Mandalorian worth their armor was raised on this since they were his size. You should rest. I'll get you back to my ship soon enough.
Din: I'm not going with you.
Bo-Katan: What are you talking about?
Din: I must continue to the Mines of Mandalore so that I may be redeemed. Bo-Katan: I honestly think that it's adorable that you actually believe these children's stories. But there is nothing magic about the waters.
Din: Without the Creed, what are we? What do we stand for? Our people are scattered like stars in the galaxy.
Bo-Katan: The Creed is how we survived.
Din: You rescued me and I'll always be in your debt. But I can't go with you until I fulfill my obligation.
Bo-Katan: I will take you.
Din: To the Living Waters? Yes.
Bo-Katan: You'd never find them on your own. Not in all this wreckage.
Din: Thank you.
Bo-Katan: Don't thank me until you see them.

Din: Thank you for rescuing me. You were right. Mandalore is not cursed.
Bo-Katan: Was I? Look around. There's nothing left. A great society is now a memory. I once ruled here for a brief time. Now, it's destroyed. Nothing to cling to but ashes.

This was once a beautiful civilization. My family ruled it all. Now it's a tomb.


Din: I’m here to join you.
Bo-Katan: There’s nothing left to join.
Din: What are your plans to retake Mandalore?
Bo-Katan: When I returned without the darksaber my forces melted away.
Din: Where is the stolen fleet?
Bo Katan: Making their way through the galaxy as mercenaries. Do you still have the saber?
Din: I do.
Bo Katan: Then you lead them. Wave that thing around, they'll do whatever you say.

I need a droid I can trust to explore Mandalore.


Redemption is not possible since the destruction of our home world.


After she brought in Moff Gideon, she was recruited by special forces.


The Mandalorian Quotes

Villain: You spilled my drink.
[Mandalorian ignores him and walks to the bar.]
Villain: Hey Mando! I said you spilled my drink.
Barman: He said you spilled his drink. Fine, it's on me.
Villain: Is that real Beskar steel?

I have spoken.