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The family is at the house discussing how Sean is being inducted into the high school hall of fame. It calls for a celebration, so they break out the whiskey. Fatty, Arthur's assistant coach who passed away (and Jackie's baby daddy) is also being inducted. 

Jackie is worried to see Fatty's Mom because she hasn't told her yet that she is pregnant. 

Ronny looks out the window and sees Gerard is coming, which prompts Marjorie to tell the family to hide their whiskey glasses and not to look too happy. She doesn't want one of her twins to feel left out and flashes back to a birthday party that Gerard wasn't invited to where he ends up going and poking out the bounce house with a fire poker. 

Gerard comes in and finds out that Sean is being inducted. He appears to be upset, and Marjorie lies and tells him that he is being inducted, too. Gerard is floored, and the rest of the family can't believe she said it. He said that it is about time!

Marjorie is on the phone trying to convince the school to induct Gerard as well, but they won't have it and Marjorie gets hung up on. Ronny tells her she is just going to have to tell Gerard the truth. 

Arthur is on an IPad and receives a "textmail" asking him to give a speech about Fatty at the induction ceremony. The family rolls their eyes, knowing how long winded his speeches can be, and we get a glimpse at a speech Arthur made at a basketball pep rally where he goes on and on about bees dancing and goats and more. 

Gerard comes in and tells the family he told Katrina he is being inducted and she couldn't believe it. He invites the family out to lunch so they can celebrate. They go out and run into the athletic director. Gerard calls him over to the table to thank him, but Marjorie pretends the table is skaky and wobbly and tells them they should go somewhere else to eat. 

The atheltic director comes over to the table and says congratulations are in order. Gerard asks how long the speeches should be, and he says Sean can take as long as he needs. When Gerard asks about his speech, the atheltic director wonders why he thinks he is giving a speech. He walks away and Gerard asks what is up. Arthur tells Gerard that he is not getting inducted and that mom lied to him. Gerard storms out. 

Back at The McCarthys house, Marjorie is leaving a mesaage for Gerard telling him to give her a call to clear up how this miscommunication happened. Arthur has a stack of papers and we learn that it is the draft of his speech for Fatty. Each member takes a portion of the speech and it is about many random things (none having to do with Fatty). Ronny suggests he make some edits and cut it down. 

Gerard walks in, and says he is not mad anymore, just upset at himself for caring. He says the hall of fame is a popularity contest. Sean tells him that it's also about being a great player, and Gerard gets defensive and the two end up arguing. Gerard challenges Sean to a one on one game. Sean clearly wins, and Gerard is being a sore loser. Sean gives Gerard some real talk and tells him that this is the one thing that he is good at and Gerard is ruining it for him. Sean leaves, upset.  

At the induction ceremony, Marjorie comments that Gerard hasn't shown up to Ronny. Meanwhile, Jackie is nervous about telling Fatty's mom and we meet her. She does not seem like a very pleasant person, but after some coaching from Ronny, Jackie goes up to her to tell her. She tells his mom that they were close and had a budding romance. The mom, who shows little emotion, tells Jackie she can't get up there and give her speech like they wanted to her to, and asks Jackie to do it for her. 

The induction ceremony begins and the athletic director announces Sean first. In walks Gerard, who goes up to the podium and tells everyone how great his brother is and how much he deserves this award. The athletic director is about to call Sean up, but Marjorie gets up there and says she is proud of Gerard and goes on about him, before calling Sean up (who the night is really about). Sean comes up to accept his award. 

Arthur is called up to the podium to give the introduction speech for Fatty, and he really cuts down his speech - just announcing that Fatty was a great coach and then walking off the stage. 

They call Jackie up to the stage next and she tells everyone that she and Fatty were close and they have memories to remember him by and a baby. This surprises Fatty's Mom who goes over to Jackie and asks if she is having his baby. She says yes and the Mom hugs Jackie tight. 

Back at the house, the family is chatting and Arthur says it's time for a toast. They grab their drinks ready to hear one of his long speeches, but that's all he has to say. 

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The McCarthys Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Stop leaving him crazy phonemails, you are going to fill up his cassette.


Why are you all happy to see me? Oh. you're drinking. Makes more sense.