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At a facility in California a woman, Alicia, goes into a heavy secured room where she realizes that one of her drugs has opened and leaked.

Jane meets with Lisbon and tells her to cheer up. He gets a call from Alicia who tells him to get there immediately because she will be murdered soon.

Jane and Lisbon get there and start interviewing the other doctors to try to figure out who purposing wanted Alicia dead. They find out that she was having an affair with another doctor. When they go to question Alicia and her husband, they both admit that they know and are okay with it. Their love is more important.

After talking to her daughter, Alicia dies and the murder investigation begins. The CDCS come in and also start their own investigation. Lisbon sends Jane away during it to the crime scene.

There, Jane is able to open the doors with his own retina scan.  This opens up the case to anyone who might have tried this to get in.

They go to check out the case that was opened. Cho and Rigsby interview an ex-lover of Alicia’s husband. She tells them that she once got an anonymous letter calling her a whore. She tells them that it was Lilith Nash.

Jane does not believe that it was Lilith so he questions her one last time before letting her go. Lisbon and Hartford set up a search to catch her when they get a code Red - another case was opened with a note that says I am sorry.

The whole building believes that they are infected with the virus.  Jane admits to Lisbon that he did trick everyone in order to catch the real killer - Griffin.

Back at the CBI station, Griffin admits to selling portions of the virus on the black market. He was about to get caught when he knew Alicia would be there first thing in the morning. He purposely broke it to make her think she did it.

Griffin may have all the money in the world, but will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

'But Hey' - what an eloquent phase.


Jane: Cheer up -
Lisbon: Why?
Jane: Because it's better to be happy than to be sad.