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-Eleanor Ortega a violinist is shot to death. Jane finds hydrangea petals on her body.

-Jane tricks Constance, the second chair violinist into confessing that she was in love with Eleanor but Eleanor didn't return her feelings. Constance is arrested when the murder weapon is found in her car.

-Jane doesn't believe Constance is the killer. He fills the concert hall with hydrangeas which causes Kieran, a clarinetist to stumble over his performance.

-Kieran killed Eleanor so that Ariel could take her spot as first chair, then stole her flowers because he didn't think she deserved them. Ariel had no idea Kieran was so obsessed with her.

-Cho's car is stolen by Anthony, a young pickpocket. Anthony is caught and held at CBI. 

-Anthony stole the car to find Jaden Stevens, the man who can give his father an alibi. Without it his father will go to prison.

-Cho finds Jaden and Anthony's father is set free. The DA is furious that Cho ruined their case and threatens to hold it against CBI.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

I used to be that kid. If I had the chance to mess with a cop I'd do it.


Come on Starsky. Let's go get him. I'll drive.