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-Lem McVie is found beaten to death on a golf course but the CBI team must find out where he was really killed.

-Lem's sister goes after his former gang members with a gun and is arrested. Jane asks Lisbon to drop the charges so her younger brother won't end up in foster care.

-Jane find's Lem's cufflink in a model home where he worked as a realtor. He leaves a note on Lem's car blackmailing the murderer. All three of Lem's colleagues show up.

-Turns out while one retreat, a colleague accidentally shot and killed a fellow hunter and the group covered it up. Lem wanted to go to the police so they beat him to death in the model home and dumped him at the golf course.

-Lisbon convinces the DA to drop the charges against Lem's sister since died trying to do the right thing.

-Jane has a list of every person he's met and shook hands with since coming to the CBI.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Well, you have a very smart gut.


Jane: You were talking in your sleep.
Lisbon: I was?
Jane: And drooling a little.