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-Gary and Sloan are kidnapped in place of friends Pella and Marcus Goodwin.  When the Goodwin's try to raise the ransom, their brother Isaac tells them he's lost much of their money due to significant reversals in the market.

-Jane convinces the kidnappers to release Sloan and the kidnapper insists she make the money drop.  Once alone, Sloan calls the kidnapper. She's involved in the plan and wants her husband killed while she takes the money.

-When Sloan thinks he drop has gone wrong she makes a run for it. The CBI team follows her but they lose her in the mall.  They find her cell phone and trace the number to her accomplice in the basement and Gary still alive. 

-The CBI tracks Sloan to a hotel using a tracker they hid in the ransom money.

-Jane questions the transport guards from the prison and figures out that Walter was involved in Lorelei's disappearance.  Walter claims an FBI agent Nemo called him and blackmailed him into helping because he had raped an inmate.  The then tells Jane where he took Lorelei.

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

You don't do favors for people unless there's something in it for you.


I'll tell if you steal one.