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Will and Mac are planning their wedding. She has nine bridesmaids. He can't possibly come up with nine groomsmen. Charlie will be his best man. 

The Boston Marathon bombing occurs and ACN is the last to report on it as they await confirmation from credible sources. Everyone is still gun-shy after the Genoa disaster but they do avoid some major pitfalls as other networks report social media theories as fact and then have to retract.

Eliott and Maggie head up to Boston to cover the bombing. Everyone questions whether Maggie is ready after her trauma in Africa but when she unexpectedly has to step in front of the camera she looks like a pro.

Someone sends Neal classified documents on an American company that sparked a riot in Kundu with their propaganda story. 38 people, including 3 Americans. When Neal asks for more documents to confirm the story, Will tells him he just induced someone to commit espionage by asking for classified information and he needs an attorney. 

The ratings are horrible. ACN drops from second to fourth. Will considers quitting but then decides he's in it for the fight. Sloane realizes that Reese's half-siblings are trying to perform a hostile takeover of the company.  

The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I've worked very hard at cultivating no friendships outside of work and to be honest I was doing fine cultivating no friendships inside of work until you came along.


Mac: Is there any chance Charlie's going to be sober when the ceremony starts?
Will: I have news for you. Your sisters will have taken a couple of dips from the well too.