Back From Cairo - The Night Manager
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Angela is in a disciplinary meeting regarding the failed mission in Turkey. Her department is shut down. Angela doesn't believe Pine gave her wrong information. Pine reconnects with her, telling her he and Roper and the gang are in Cairo.

Roper gets some important documents and puts then in a safe in their room. At breakfast Roper asks Pine if he's ever been to Cairo. Pine says no.

Caroline returns, but only because Roper and Sandy want her to spy on Jed. She and Jed leave while Roper and Pine continue discussing business.

Freddie Hamid shows up and is introduced to Pine. He doesn't recognize him. They all leave for their meeting. The first 300 million is transferred to Trade Pass and the rest will be transferred after the arms are delivered.

At the hotel bar Pine shows up to talk to Jed. He wants her to get the combination to the safe so he can retrieve the papers. Roper notices their conversation.

Steadman is in a hotel room in Cairo with Angela. Steadman meets up with Pine in the lobby. They go upstairs where he meets with Angela. Steadman tells Pine he doesn't trust him. Angela wants to take him out now, but Pine isn't ready yet.

Pine goes to the hotel kitchen to talk with his old friend Youssef. Once they find a secluded place, they hug and talk. He wants Youssef's brother to help him.

Jed gets the safe combination for Pine. The gang head out to a casino. Pine and Jed continue making googly eyes of her. Sandy questions his wife about what she and Jed did all day and whether Jed did anything suspicious.

At the casino bar, Hamid tells Pine he things they've met before. Pine tells him he doesn't think so and they go off to play roulette. Jed tells Pine the safe combination via her roulette bet and he texts the combo to Angela who heads to Roper's suite to get the papers. 

She finds the papers and slips them in her bag when Tabby shows up. Angela hides and just when it seems the guy is going to find her, he gets a phone call. It's Steadman who is able to get Tabby out of the room by telling him Roper has a package at the front desk that needs to be picked up. Angela is able to escape.

Back at the casino, Hamid is getting pretty drunk and betting poorly. Pine is trying to babysit him, trying to impress Roper. Hamid can barely stand. Roper isn't happy and orders Hamid to go home to rest up for the big day tomorrow. Pine takes him home. Jed makes a bad mistake by telling Roper she thinks Sandy should take Hamid home instead of Pine. 

At Hamid's place, Pine fixes him a drink and drugs it up. Pine asks Hamid if he killed Sophie, then Hamid remembers who Pine was. Pine gets more answers about who killed her, then he kills him.

Pine retrieves the envelope from the front desk that Angela left for him to return to Roper's room. He meets up with Youssef. Tabby tells Roper about the phone call from the front desk and Roper wants him to check all the hotel guests. Pine and Youssef go the warehouse where the weapons are. He and his brother Ahmed sabotage the weapons and before Ahmed leaves he gives Pine a number to memorize.

Pine returns the envelope to Jed to return to the safe.She attempts to return it, but the combination doesn't work. Roper comes around the corner and busts Jed. Roper calls Frisky to the room.

Pine transfers the money from his Trade Pass account to another account. 

Roper is enjoying coffee in his flamingo robe while Frisky is water torturing Jed to find out information.Roper figures out the person Jed is protecting is Pine.

Singhal phones Dromgoole after sending him a copy of the registration certificate and says he won't bust him if he ignores Roper when he calls.

Roper, Pine, and the others are on their way to the meeting. Sandy can't get hold of Hamid. They go to the warehouse and Sandy tells Roper there are two suspicious occupants at the hotel. Angela and Steadman are in trouble. They send Frisky to take care of them. He takes Jed with her.

Roper takes Pine to look at the "hospitality" suite with Tabby. It's not very hospitable, but there is a chair there waiting for him. Roper takes his phone then punches him. The gig is up.

Roper lays it out, but Pine plays dumb. Roper regrets not listening to Corky. He demands information from Pine who refuses to tell him anything. Roper plays the Jed card, shows him a picture of her beat up and bloody. This sets Pine off. Roper would kill Pine, but they need Pine's retina image to complete the deal. Roper tells him Jed's life depends on his performance.

Steadman who followed the convoy to the warehouse realizes Pine's cover is blown when he comes out of the room with a gun to his back. He warns Angela to leave now. Frisky is on his way to Angela's room with Jed.

Angela is still on the phone when Frisky knocks on her door. He breaks the door open. Angela is nowhere to be seen, but she's hiding and shoots Frisky in the leg. She and Jed take off.

Mr. Barghati shows up to make the deal. The trucks move out as Barghati works to begin the transfer fo he rest of the money. Instead of completing the transfer, Pine dials the number Ahmed gave him and the trucks blow up destroying all the weapons inside.

Hamid senior wants his money back but the first half of the transfer is gone. He's threatened, but goes off on the guy. Berghati urges his client to leave. Sandy tries to smooth things over by saying they will meet in one hour at the hotel. 

Roper pulls a gun on Pine. Pine tells him he'll return the money for Jed. They arrive back at the hotel. When Roper goes into his room, Angela is there waiting for him.

Roper tries calling Dromgoole to get it all fixed, but Dromgoole ignores his call. They have no knowledge of HALO and hangs up on him.

Roper isn't fazed by anything Angela says.Steadman shows up with cops and Roper is arrested. He tries to drop Hamid, Sr.'s name as he's taken. Sandy and Tabby are arrested as well. Roper asks Pine why he did it. he heads to the cop van, but Hamid, Sr.,and Berghati show up with a team. They take Rope who has lost all of his cockiness.There's no way out for him.

Jed and Pine are all cuddled in bed together. Jed is on her way back to New York. While waiting for the car, Jed is concerned about seeing her son. Pine isn't going with right now. They walk hand in hand to the car. 


The Night Manager
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You press connect, and it will start the party.


An angel gave them to me - with a HALO.