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Topher wonders if Jordan wants to resume her position as the Chief. To keep it from getting "weird" he decides to ask TC to weigh in because that's not weird.

In comes a case! A man accidentally shot his wife.

Chavez invites Krista to a pancreatic tumor.

Drew shares with Topher that it's really tough being around Rick right now because he's so negative. So bad that he's taking extra shifts. He gets a new prosthetic soon and starts rehab. They're awaiting a referral, but they're on the VA schedule.

TC is back at work and takes losing the gunshot victim very hard, especially when the husband breaks down in his arms. He's listening to metal when Jordan asks if he's OK.

Kenny comes in with news of a ranch party full of teens that has gone bad. There is at least one person they can't move and they've asked for TC.

On the scene of the party, TC tells Gwen he saw something like this in Afghanistan and it didn't end well. The kid, Brian, appears to be impaled on a fence post. in Afghanistan, TC saw a kid with a live RPG in his gut.

Back at SAM, Ragosa is tailing Topher, reminding him he's not just a secretary but he has four years of med school. Topher is ready for some hazing.

Jordan is prepping the beauty queen who walked into the ER and passed out. She's tachycardic from diet pills and diuretics.

Kenny noticed Krista was gone when he woke up this morning. She's smiling a lot, but he seems into it a bit more than Krista. Ragosa makes an inappropriate comment to Kenny about her legs after she enters the elevator.

Drew is working with a patient when Rick calls complaining about vicodin. He asks if anyone he's currently treating knows Rick's doctor. Apparently they call him Dr. Black Hole. If you try to make waves, he threatens to send you to the back of the line.

Topher jokes that they're shooting a PSA on how not to party in the ER while he's assigning out the incoming injured.

Kenny bonds with Craig's friend over football.

Topher puts his foot in his mouth while talking with Jordan right before he tries to talk her out of resuming her position in a very poor attempt.

Drew can't stand being in the position he's in because he's a problem solver and he can't figure out how to solve Rick's.

Ragosa is attempting to put in an IV without instruction or approval. Paul offers to give it to him.

Things aren't going so well with the beauty queen.

Topher is wondering where the therastrap is and Ragosa says he thought he would be doing medicine. Topher points out the list sounds pretty substantial to him -- five IVs and lots of vomit. Why not be proactive and check their blood their blood panels?

Chavez chats with TC. He tries to bond and point out they don't have the same relationship TC has with Scott. In other words, Chavez will respect TC's leadership in the ER if TC will respect Chavez's in the OR.

The beauty queen has butchered breast implants. TC notices there is something in her chest. It amazes me that diazapam can possibly help with surgeries. The breast implants are cocaine packages.

Ragosa is studying the urine of the drunk girls. After getting their blood tests back, he recognizes something strange thanks to his recent classes. Their blood lights up. They must have made their own alcohol with anti-freeze.

Krista's mother died from breast cancer, but she hasn't had the genetic testing. Chavez wonders what she's been waiting for for the past 20 years.

Topher agrees with Ragosa's diagnosis and when Ragosa confirms they don't carry the antidote, Topher sends him out to find beer in the trunk of someone's car. It's Texas!

Kenny, meanwhile, tells Drew to take care of himself and chill before running out and doing something stupid to Rick's doctor.

The football player comes up and tosses his cookies, complaining of a real bad headache.

It just so happens he is suffering from game injuries at the same time everyone else at the party is totally off their rockers.

When Topher gives the credit to Nurse Molly, Ragosa finally figures out his tactic.

Jordan continues giving advice when she offers to call her friend who is a lawyer to help out. Unfortunately, she takes off, leaving her bloody gown on the floor.

In the OR, Chavez allows TC to take the lead on some of the procedures.

Jordan finds Sandra. Her boyfriend was the one who forced her to stuff her breasts full of cocaine.

After surgery, TC thanks Chavez, who in turns thanks him for pissing Scott off and opening up the job. Chavez then shares with Krista that he knows TC lost someone earlier and wanted to make it easier on him. He knows what it's like to take losses personally. Plus, he wants to ask Jordan out, since they obviously aren't going to make it. He laughs out loud at the look on Krista's face.

Jordan confronts Topher about what he's been hiding. Jordan doesn't want the job, but Topher does. Case solved!

Ragosa, meanwhile, has chained Topher to the desk.

When Kenny tries to talk to the football kid, he is demeaned in return. "So this is what I have to look forward to. Being a nurse." The kid could be so lucky to work with a group as great as that at SAM.

TC can't get the woman he lost out of his mind.

We finally get a look at the new break room inside the hospital. It's not quite the same as the outside oasis they used to have on the roof or in the parking lot. When Kenny had his accident, it was the best thing that ever happened to him. The nurses took care of him and changed his life. Drew bursts in and hugs Krista. Rick has an appointment on Tuesday.

TC is staring at a shot, but asks for a cup of coffee instead. He's preparing to read The Great Gatsby.

The Night Shift
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The Night Shift Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Just getting him back for all those years of torturing us. You got to break this pony, and put a saddle on him. You down for some hazing?


TC: I've seen a lot of people die. You never get used to it, but you learn to live with it.
Jordan: T, you did everything you could.
TC: See, if I did everything I could, I would have saved her.