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When Karen tells Michael that she's luring Stanley to the Utica branch, Michael isn't going to let Stanley go without a fight. Unable to offer him the same salary that Karen can, Michael and Dwight instead declare war on Utica, dragging Jim along for the ride. Back at the office, the exclusive "Finer Things Club" stirs up some friction.

The Office
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The Office Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

The eyes are the groin of the head.


Karen: Let me ask you. Did you accomplish what you wanted?
Dwight: Listen, lady. You can expect these kinds of repercussions as long as you keep trying to poach our people.
Karen: I'm taking Stanley.
Dwight: Then we will burn Utica to the ground.
Michael: Dwight! Granted, maybe this was not the best idea, but at least we care enough about our employees that we are willing to fight for them. And if you so much as harm a hair on Stanley's head... We will burn Utica to the ground.