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It’s been weeks, but The Office finally returned last night with a episode.

“The Banker” found Michael and the gang on their best behavior as they try to impress a potential buyer who visits the Scranton branch.

The fake Stanley? Priceless.

In between the banker’s evaluation questions, viewers were treated to a glimpse down memory lane as moments from episodes past made a return appearance.

Pam walks in on a different underwear-free co-worker: Michael.

In the conference room, the group held a meeting to discuss medical conditions in an attempt to pick a medical insurance provider for the company. A classic.

The Jim-Dwight rivalry is alive and well. Phew!

What would The Office be without “That’s what she said.” The phrase that, when tagged on at the end of a sentence, can make just about anything sound dirty.

And so, the episode ends with Dunder Mifflin’s fate unknown. But Michael isn’t worried: “I think our future is very bright. We’ve only just begun.”

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