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His relationship with Donna is sailing along nicely - so much so that he calls a meeting to tell everyone how great it is, and that he's having sex.

Except that Kelly notices a couple of odd details in his story, details making it sound like Donna doesn't want to be seen with Michael in Scranton.

Michael is willing to believe that (with a big assist from Ryan). Worse, he sets Dwight to tail her.

He, of course, sees only one way to prove it: Seduce her, have sex with her and tell Michael about it.

Dwight gets absolutely nowhere, of course, because Donna is not a crazy person.

Michael's fears are temporarily assuaged - until Kelly and Pam notice her wearing cheap heart-shaped earrings and Donna can't recall where she got them.

Pam then does some Facebook sleuthing and finds pictures of Donna with another man.

Donna's married, and as Michael puts it at the end of the episode.


A customer complains to Andy that one of Sabre's printers smoked, then caught fire. Andy alerts Gabe.

Darryl, still holding a grudge over Andy blaming the warehouse for a lost shipment a couple years ago, decides to have a little fun.

He gets Andy thinking that there's some huge cover-up and that he's going to be targeted if he speaks out.

Gabe tries to brush it off, saying all 12 past instances have been attributed to user error, but Andy's so worked up now that he tries to take matters into its own hands, conducting his own printer experiment with Darryl taping it - and lo and behold, it does catch fire.

It will be interesting to see where both of these stories lead next week and beyond.

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I'll call HQ - yeah, I guess that's what I'll do today.


I'm the mistress?