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After 11 years Michael Scott has finally finished his movie, Threat Level Midnight.  He plays it for his employees, and they all love it.  It is an action movie revolving around special agent Michael Scarn.  Scarn has to save the NHL All-Star Game from the evil Goldenface, who is trying to blow it up.

All of Dunder Mifflin is enjoying the cinematic work of Michael Scott.  All but his girlfriend that is.  Holly doesn't think it is very good, but ends up trying to apologize.  Michael doesn't allow her to, and instead agrees that it isn't good, but brings her back in to finish it because the employees seem to being enjoying it.

The Office
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The Office Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

You jump to the right and you shake a hand, then you jump to the left and you shake their hand. You meet new friends and you tie some yarn. And that's how you do the Scarn.

Michael (as Scarn)

Holly this isn't Ocean's Eleven where you get together with your friends and you just have fun and you don't care about how it turns out.