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Davina asks to attend a music festival. She and Marcel agree on a compromise that involves Cami watching over Davina. Cami, however, is under Klaus' compulsion. Klaus meets Davina and tries to get her to change her allegiance. 

Rebekah finds Elijah who brings her into a memory so she'll know it's him and not one of Davina's tricks. He has another plan for protecting the family and gaining Davina's trust and asks Rebekah to watch Hayley.

Hayley visits a doctor in the bayou where she is attacked. A mysterious wolf protects her.

The Originals
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The Originals Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Cami: I don't believe in evil as a diagnosis. I think you have unstable personal relationships, stress related paranoia, chronic anger issues, fear of abandonment. I think you could benefit from talking to someone. Professionally.
Klaus: I think I prefer to talk to you.

Over the course of my life I've encountered no shortage of those who would presume to speak of good and evil. Such terms mean nothing. People do what is in their best interest, regardless of who gets hurt. Is it evil to take what one wants, to satisfy hunger even if doing so will cause another suffering? What some would call evil, I believe to be an appropriate response to a harsh and unfair world.


The Originals Season 1 Episode 4 Music

  Song Artist
Willy moon what i want What I Want Willy Moon iTunes
Big data dangerous Dangerous Big Data iTunes
Banks waiting game Waiting Game Banks iTunes