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We open with Klaus having a flashback of Mikael telling him he is not part of the family for showing mercy. Klaus was then consumed by the Hollow, showing him visions of Mikael. 

Marcel had Elijah haunting him. 

Klaus sent Elijah and Hayley with Hope to the Bayou when he realized things were getting more dangerous in the city. 

Freya made the dagger, meaning her use for Keelin was over. The two women parted ways, but it seemed evident there was something more between them. 

Freya handed the dagger over to Klaus when he realized what was going on. He knew he would have to kill Marcel if it came to it. 

Mary told Elijah to leave the Bayou, so Hayley spoke to her, confirming the threat is not the Mikaelsons. 

Marcel found a witch who said he could make Marcel beads, but said he would need to bury them at the root of the evil. 

Mikael accidentally made Klaus kill three innocent people, before saying he could make Klaus kill anyone. He then said to kill Marcel to end it. 

Freya tries to find out what is going on and the Hollow confirms that Klaus and Marcel will die and it will take the power. 

Klaus and Marcel meet, with Klaus waving the sword at Marcel. 

Freya and Elijah show up in the nick of time, preventing Klaus killing Marcel. The Hollow then appeared, and Freya used magic to get rid of the presence. 

Marcel was locked up in the same place he kept Klaus, while Elijah told him not to screw with Klaus' redemption. Sofya is revealed to be working with the witch to take down the originals. 

She wants revenge and a plant grew in the place Marcel's blood was. 


The Originals
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