The Ring-Bearer - The Orville: New Horizons Season 3 Episode 10
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Isaac goes through the motions of his day, soundtracked by “Bachelor in Paradise” (Henry Mancini). He replicates a banana and takes it to Dr. Finn.

He takes a seat on the bridge where Grayson asks him for an update on the trans-focal array.

The crew are observing Bortus and Klyden’s Renewal ceremony on Listak Two in the morning. All are invited. Fully naked, Bortus will pursue Klyden into the forest to mate with him to sanctify their renewed vows to each other.

Mercer oversees the Renewal in the absence of a Moclan officiant. He performs the Commencement Rite of the Kazh’gahl. After a chase, Bortus tackles Klyden and roars his success. They return to the group and declare their mating relationship renewed and sanctified.

After an awkwardly long embrace, Malloy gets a round of applause started. Isaac watches it all in stillness.

Back aboard the ship, Admiral Halsey informs them of their next mission, rendezvousing with a science team for delivery coordinates on Sargas Four, the planet where LaMarr was nearly executed on The Orville Season 1 Episode 7.

In the lab, Isaac asks the computer for information on bonding customs in Earth history.

In the mess, Dr. Finn and Keyali are eating together. Isaac enters and gets down on one knee and proposes.

In her quarters, Dr. Finn asks Isaac why he proposed in such a public manner and why he wants to get married. She asks what he’ll do when she dies. He responds that he’ll look after Ty and Marcus and any other descendents that may be born.

Dr. Finn discusses the proposal with Keyali and Grayson over drinks.

Mercer walks in. He tries to leave gracefully, but they call him back. He recommends Dr. Finn ask her kids whether they think she should marry Isaac.

As they approach Sargas Four, Keyali receives a message on a Union frequency but it’s not from the researchers.

The message is from Lysella, the Sargas Four barista who helped rescue LaMarr. She’s asking for help.

Mercer options a channel and agrees to pick her up.

When they pick her up, she claims asylum. She doesn’t want to return to her world’s governance by majority rule.

Seeing no rule that prevents them from granting asylum, Mercer assigns Grayson to help Lysella orient herself to the ship and life in the Union.

Isaac visits Engineering. Dr. Finn has not given him an answer yet. LaMarr comments that Isaac might want to date around before marrying Dr. Finn.

Dr. Finn talks with Ty and Finn about the proposal. They’re all for it if that’s what she wants.

She goes and tells Isaac yes. He acknowledges her response.

Isaac visits Grayson and requests they have sex. She declines and stops him from contacting Keyali with the same request.

Dismissing Isaac and directing him to never speak of this again, she contacts sickbay but since Dr. Finn is busy, she puts off talking to her until the afternoon.

Grayson explains to Lysella how the Union values reputation and working hard to benefit society. Lysella asks about entertainment too, like movies. Grayson tells her they have something better and offers to show her what she means later in the evening.

Grayson goes to talk to Dr. Finn where the doctor asks her to be her maid of honor. Grayson tells her about Isaac’s request.

Dr. Finn lays down ground rules of fidelity for Isaac and then visits Engineering to lay down more rules for LaMarr.

Grayson takes Lysella to the environmental simulator. She chooses a program that simulates the interior of the Mel’Mirrys asteroid. It blows Lysella’s mind.

Isaac asks Malloy to be his best man. He informs him he’s asking because Malloy is seen as funny. Bortus contests that he is also funny. He states that he will be Isaac’s best man. Isaac acknowledges this and looks forward to his participation.

Isaac invites Kaylon Primary and all other available units to attend his wedding.

Grayson shows Lysella the quantum core. She checks in on how Lysella’s processing the information. They talk about the situation on Sargas Four and how Lysella feels about leaving. She feels guilty.

Grayson invites Lysella to Dr. Finn’s bachelorette party and offers to have her help with the preparations in order to have some sort of job.

Malloy vents at Mercer about Bortus taking over the best man job. His egg salad sandwich from three months ago reappears as he’s fuming. It cheers him up.

Grayson, Keyali, and Lysella discuss the bachelorette. Lysella is still fixated on giving her world the technology the Union has.

Lysella excuses herself from the rest of the planning, saying she’s tired.

In the simulator, Malloy complains that Isaac’s bachelor party is boring. Bortus has created a Las Vegas lounge environment. Bortus enters on stage, dressed as Elvis.

In a different simulator, a much livelier dance clip scene is set up for Dr. Finn’s party. The stage lights up and a simulation of Isaac comes out dancing. Grayson and Keyali discuss Lysella briefly before being distracted by Dr. Finn dancing with Stripper Isaac.

The guys are falling asleep to Bortus’s Elvis act. Klyden is the only one to applaud his performance.

Lysella comes to see Grayson in her office. She tells her she feels she needs to go home.

Dr. Finn is trying on wedding dresses for Keyali and Mercer when Grayson comes in to tell them about Lysella’s decision.

Deciding Lysella’s knowledge won’t endanger her world, they decide she can return.

As she boards the shuttle, an alarm goes off. Lysella turns over a comscanner she stole to Keyali who discovers she’d downloaded plans for all sorts of technology.

Grayson takes Lysella to the simulator. She shows her Gendel Three, circa 2235, which is a beautiful metropolis. She advances the program by five years and the landscape is a barren disaster zone.

A malformed person jumps up and scares Lysella. Grayson explains the early Union explorers reached Gendel Three, they interfered with the society, revealing themselves and their technology. The inhabitants of Gendel Three wiped themselves out, fighting for the technology to use it for personal gain.

On the bridge, Bortus reports a large fleet of Kaylon approaching. Four thousand vessels in all. Isaac informs them that those are his wedding guests.

Dr. Finn is called to the bridge and she informs Isaac that they can’t fit all the Kaylon into the simulator for the wedding. Isaac informs Kaylon Primary that they will not be able to accommodate everyone but that the ceremony will be transmitted to the ships. Kaylon Primary deems that acceptable and congratulates Isaac.

At the ceremony, Ty bears the rings while Marcus escorts Dr. Finn down the aisle. Half the congregation’s seats are filled by Kaylon guests.

Isaac is in his human form.

Mercer presides over the ceremony and invites the bride and groom to speak the vows they’ve written.

They exchange rings and “I do”s. Mercer pronounces them man and wife and the congregation applauds, the organics enthusiastically, the Kaylon politely and uniformly.

At the reception, Lysella congratulates Dr. Finn. Dr. Finn tells her she’s happy Lysella’s chosen to stay on the ship. Isaac offers to introduce her to the Kaylon.

Mercer joins Grayson and comments on how the Kaylon are mingling with the crew when they were at war a short time ago.

The bridge lets Mercer know the transport has docked and someone female is coming to the reception.

Alara Kitan walks in. She is greeted by Dr. Finn and everyone else. She catches them up just as Bortus taps his glass for attention.

He doesn’t get the attention with his glass-tapping so he commands it. His toast doesn’t go well and Isaac interrupts to invite Malloy to speak.

Malloy gives a funny and touching toast to the couple. After, he consents to playing a song at Dr. Finn’s request.

He plays James Taylor’s “Secret O’Life.”

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The Orville: New Horizons Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

If any of my other friends were thinking of marriage, I would give them this heads up. The man you marry and the man you make your life with are two different people. But with Isaac… that all goes out the window.


Dr. Finn: You won’t age. I will. Someday, I’ll be gone, and you’ll still be here, unchanged. I mean, how do you fee–. What do you think about that?
Isaac: Given the abstract choice between your continued existence and your death, the former is preferable.