Technology and societal ethics have to progress hand in hand, each one supporting the other incrementally. Anything else is begging for disaster.


I am unable to reciprocate your love. However, the only occasion upon which I have ever made an error in judgment was 21 hours, 7 minutes, and 14 seconds after you terminated our coupling. I cannot experience affection. However, I prefer not to experience… error. It is possible you will ensure my continued efficiency.


Dr. Finn: If you ever again give Isaac a single tidbit of personal advice, even if it’s about what cologne to use, I will come down here and I will eat your little punk ass for breakfast with a glass of grapefruit juice. You got me?
LaMarr: Yep, I got you.

Lysella: If we had all this, we could be better people.
Grayson: It doesn’t quite work like that. You gotta flip it. You get all this by becoming better people.

Some women shut their eyes and dream. Others open their eyes and hope. Dreams are what you create for yourself. Hope lets the universe decide for you. I’m glad that I opened my eyes. You have touched me in a way that no human ever could. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Dr. Finn

Dr. Finn: You won’t age. I will. Someday, I’ll be gone, and you’ll still be here, unchanged. I mean, how do you fee–. What do you think about that?
Isaac: Given the abstract choice between your continued existence and your death, the former is preferable.

Wouldn’t we all be happier if we just accepted people for what they are instead of being disappointed with them for what they’re not?

Dr. Finn

On your planet, currency is money. In the Union, it’s reputation. So if you do something, anything, that benefits our society, and you work hard at it, you’re rich.


Kaylon Primary: What is… a marriage?
Isaac: It is a ceremony during which one organism acknowledges their intent to service another for the duration of their mutual existence.
Kaylon Primary: You describe enslavement.

It’s not like the people are bad, they’re not. It’s just once you get so used to a messed-up way of doing things, it’s hard to remember how to be any other way.


If any of my other friends were thinking of marriage, I would give them this heads up. The man you marry and the man you make your life with are two different people. But with Isaac… that all goes out the window.


One of the great privileges that has always been bestowed upon ships' captains since the days of the ancient sea-faring vessels is the honor of uniting two people in matrimony.


The Orville: New Horizons Quotes

Dr. Finn: There's a line from a very old book I once read. 'It is only with greatest care that memory can be kept from becoming a prison or a gallows.'
Grayson: I'd go along with that.

If you do the right thing in the here and now, the future has a way of taking care of itself.

Dolly Parton