On The Orville Season 2 Episode 3, Alara returns to her homeworld of Xelayah in order to recover from gravity sickness in her family home. Personal differences resurface.

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When the Orville's Security Chief, Alara Kitan, breaks a bone during an arm wrestling match, she is diagnosed with gravity sickness which is sapping her strength. When she returns to her family home, the conflicts between herself and her parents regarding her choice of career resurface. When her parents decide to take her to the family's beach house to recuperate, it's a welcome escape. Although they are supposed to be the only people on the island, Alara notices lights on in another house along the beach. The next day, a couple comes by and introduces themselves, mentioning that they had arrived just that morning and suspect that someone has been in their beach house. As the Borrins don't feel safe in their home, the Kitans offer them a place to stay for the night before they return to the mainland. Just as they are about to serve dinner, the Borrins produce weapons and force Alara's father to scald his hand in the sauce pot. They are the parents of a medical researcher whose career was ruined by a paper Alara's father published. They want to exact revenge but the Orville's shuttle arrives with Mercer and Malloy before they can. The distraction allows Alara to save her family. Back on the Orville, Dr. Finn has a new treatment for her gravity sickness but Alara opts to return to Xelayah to get to know her family better. As a parting gift, she leaves Mercer a jar of pickles.

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On The Orville Season 2 Episode 3, Captain Ed Mercer, Gordon Malloy, and Alara Kitan head off together to pay a visit to Alara's home planet.

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The Orville Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Grayson: Yaphit's six-month evaluation was last week and he asked what our parental leave policy is.
Mercer: Why? Is he thinking of splitting in half?
Grayson: We can't legally ask him that.

Y'know it's places like this that make me realize... God, I'm trash. My family's trash.