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Jeannie is stalked at her work by the hooded figure. 

When she returns home, she finds herself in peril after going for a nap. She is warned to take a seat and to make her husband stop his investigation. 

This creates a worrying development because Ralph does not think anything is going on. 

However, Jeannie shows him the sketch of the person and sets out to find out more about it. 

But Tomika has a dream about the person, that he stole her child and she was forced to make a decision. 

Jack is put under intense scrutiny because of the way he was acting. 

Holly allowed Andy into her hotel room and they spent the night together. 

The next morning, he stole documents about the case. 

Holly found herself in danger when she got close to someone who knew stuff about Heath. 

But the man was quickly killed off by the end of the episode. 

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The Outsider Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

What? What? What is happening to me? Were the lamps not enough?


Heath Hoffsetter never laid a hand on those girls and Terry Maitland didn't go near that boy.