Fight For Their Lives - The Passage
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30 days passed since the outbreak and there were eleven hotspots, the location each of the virals were before being taken to Project Noah. 

Clark was providing Shauna with terrible people to feast on, but she realized she did not like that life. 

She later told Clark he could kill her if he wanted, but they both wound up having sex. 

Lila realized that people did not want to kill her anymore, so she went with Doctors without Borders to find a way to save the world. 

Brad and Amy were alone the woods. Fanning visited and told Amy that he knew she wanted to kill someone. 

Amy refuted it so he got the man next door and showed her his blood. 

When he left, the people from the gas store showed up with the aim of helping. 

When Brad was bitten, Amy used the solution on him after killing the two workers. 

Amy then ran off as the U.S. was nuked by other countries to contain the virus. 

We went to 2116 and Amy was still looking for Brad after everything that happened. 

The Passage
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The Passage Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Amy: How do I look?
Brad: Like a badass.

I saw the future. It was bad.