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Amy's health was all over the place, and everyone worried about her. 

With the virals gearing up to escape from the bunker, everyone tried to find a way to restrain them for good. 

Amy managed to pull through, but she made the decision to blow up level 4 with the aim of saving everyone instead of her. 

If Fanning were there, it would have killed her. 

The explosion killed Sykes, and left lives in the air. 

As the virals lay waste to Project Noah, Clark was attacked. 

Shauna offered to save his life if she went with him. He chose to do so. 

Jonas was upset that everyone had died because of him and he had to make a big decision. 

He wanted to kill himself. 

Amy, Brad, and Lila were given a car by Lacey and made their way into the unknown. 

The Passage
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