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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 23, the women sit down with Andy Cohen for the first of the three-part reunion special. 

NeNe Leakes reveals that she's moved into a new house before clashing with Kandi over why the women don't get along. Kandi says she can't stand NeNe's superior attitude and NeNe displays said superior attitude in return. NeNe disapproved of the way Kandi spoke ill of her throughout the season and took the opportunity to call Kandi out on it. 

Phaedra discussed her relationship with Apollo and revealed that she has not taken their sons to Kentucky for a visit nor has she filed for divorce. She is still married and weighing her options regarding what's best for herself and her children and how this can play out on camera in a way that will one day make her sons proud. 

Porsha and Claudia discuss their differences and Claudia asks smug and superior. What she dislikes about NeNe she displays in herself. Porsha reiterates that she does not sleep with married men and says she was dating a young athlete all season. 

Kenya and Phaedra get into it over Whoregate and Claudia asks Porsha why she went around telling people Peter was sleeping around.

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