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4 years ago... A girl, Camille, is sitting on a bus looking out the window. The bus eventually drives straight off a cliff.

Present day... Camille climbs over the cliff's edge unchanged. She looks around confused before heading into town. In town, a support group dedicated to the people who lost children on the school bus meets. The entire town has a brief power outage before turning back on. The support group discusses a memorial site for the children. A man named Jack doesn't agree with the building.

Camille goes to her old home. Her mother, Claire, finds her in the kitchen and is shocked to see her. Camille doesn't remember anything about the crash or dying. She believes no time has passed. At a bar, Jack and Lucy have just had sex. She talks about a custody meeting with her ex. Jack gets a call from Clair, his ex wife, saying he needs to come to the house. Their other daughter, Lena, is at the bar with her friends, and sees her dad come out of the back room with Lucy. Jack goes to the house, and Claire tells him Camille has returned. He's shocked as well when he sees her. They talk about her outside. They can't believe this is really happening. Camille asks them what's wrong. They don't tell her. 

Elsewhere, a doctor named Julie is out shopping. On her way home she spots a little boy on the side of the road. When she goes back to him, he's not there. She later sees him outside her home. She asks him questions but he doesn't answer. She brings him inside where a nosey neighbor asks his name. She makes up the name Victor. Inside, she gives him food and tells him she will bring him to the police the next day. 

Claire's new man, Peter, comes to the house. She tells him Camille has returned. He's a psychologist. He asks Camille if she remembers the bus accident. He tells her he's available to talk anytime. Claire tucks her in. Jack calls Lucy. He wants to talk to her. Jack and Peter argue about the situation. He's confused and frustrated by what his daughter has returned to. 

A strange woman walks through the town. She goes to a house and gets into the same bed as an old man. He wakes up and is speechless. Elsewhere, another man, Simon, walks through town to a bar and asks for Rowan. Lucy says no one by that name works there. Lena tells him she knows where Rowan lives. Back at the old man's house, he calls Julie to talk about the woman in his home, but hangs up without saying anything. He leaves him home. 

Lena asks Simon who he is. When they get to Rowan's house, he walks away from Lena without saying thank you. He goes up to the window and looks in. He sees Rowan trying on a wedding veil. She sees him through the window. Simon knocks on the door asking to come in. Rowan freaks out and yells through the door for him to go away. Simon leaves. Rowan's daughter asks her what's wrong. She says everything is fine. 

The old man jumps over a bridge. Rowan's new man, Tommy, comes home. She tells him she's "seeing" Simon again. He tells her he's here for her. Julie finds the boy watching TV. She asks him for his real name. He says Victor. Jack makes Lucy tell him why Camille is here while having sex with her. Lucy is a psychic. He accuses her of being a fake when she can't tell him what kind of sandwich Camille ate. Lucy runs out and walks alone. She comes across a man who stabs her. Lena sneaks home. Camille hears her and goes to her room. Camille knocks on their adjoining wall. Lena freaks out when Camille comes into the room. Claire rushes in and finds both girls crying. 

4 years earlier... Camille complains to her parents about Lena not having to go on the field trip because she's "sick". As she gets in the car to leave, she looks up at Lena, who is actually her twin sister. Lena lied about being sick when a boy comes over. The two start fooling around, but Lena feels guilty because Camille likes him too. The boy tells Lena that he loves her. They have sex. Camille on the bus senses something strange. She wants to get off the bus. The bus driver sees Victor standing in the middle of the road. He swerves to avoid hitting him, and drives off the cliff. 

The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Jack: It's just not possible.
Claire: No, it's not, but you just saw her.
Jack: But there has to be some other explanation.
Claire: Like what? We're both going crazy at the same time?

Camille, don't worry. What's happened to you is extraordinary and wonderful. Just give yourself some time to process it. To just be back, and accept everything that's happened, and when you're ready to talk, I'm available anytime.