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Six years ago... It's the night before Rowan and Simon's wedding. His band is playing at the bar. Afterwards, he sees a young Lena trying to play the drums. He goes over to show her how. Rowan takes a Polaroid of them. The next morning, before he leaves so she can get ready, Rowan tells Simon she's pregnant. She asks him if he's happy. He nods yes, but when they hug, he looks worried and tears roll down his face. Rowan is waiting for Simon at the church. Tommy comes in, and Rowan knows something bad happened. She collapses on the ground.

Present day... Rowan and Tommy are meeting with the pastor, Leon, to prepare for their wedding. Tommy gets a call from Officer Nikki informing him of Lucy's stabbing. She's alive, but barely. In the church bathroom, Rowan's daughter turns on the sink faucet, but black sludge comes out instead of clear water. Julie goes to the police station to inquire about any missing children that describes Victor. Julie sees Nikki. They clearly know each other, but don't say anything. Camille asks Lena if she's scared of her. Lena says no, but Camille says she's scared of herself. 

At breakfast, Lena asks why her father is there. Lena storms out. Jack follows her outside. Lena and Jack argue. She asks him if he’s going to hit her again. Julie returns home. She asks Victor a bunch of questions. He doesn’t respond, he only hugs her. Rowan discusses her feelings about envisioning Simon. Leon tells her Simon would want her to be happy. Camille goes through Lena’s room. She sees a picture of Lena and Ben together. Simon goes back to the bar. He asks where he can find Rowan. She works at the library. Lena spots him at the bar. Lena asks why he looks so familiar. He doesn’t answer her. Simon heads out to find Lena.

Julie’s neighbor spies on her again. She talks with Julie and Victor in the hallway. The neighbor tells her about Mr. Goddard committing suicide. Hunter and Ben talk to police about Lucy. They mention how Simon had been talking with Lucy the night before. The police want Tony to come down to the station for questioning. Lena goes over to a picture board and spots the picture she took with Simon six years earlier. Tommy and Nikki question Tony. They accuse him of hurting Lucy and several women from seven years earlier. They couldn’t prove it but they still believe it was him. They show him a picture of Lucy’s wounds (bite marks). He can’t believe the picture. Tommy doesn’t believe Tony did it, but he thinks Tony is hiding something.

Peter and Claire talk about Camille and how she thinks Claire and Jack are still together. Camille comes in. They talk about her coming back from the dead. Simon goes to the library. Rowan sees him and tells him even though he isn’t real and that she’s marrying Tommy, she will always love him. He doesn’t say anything. He leaves. Outside, Simon is stopped by the police who want to bring him in for questioning. Camille sees Claire kiss Peter. She sneaks out of the house. Claire realizes she’s gone and has trashed Lena’s room. Camille spies on Lena through the window at the bar. Hunter sees her outside and invites her in. She declines. Claire finds her outside the bar. She cries about Hunter not recognizing her and that everyone forgot about her.

At the police station, Tommy and Nikki say Simon should have died six years ago. Tommy questions Simon about Rowan. Simon gets defensive. Tommy wants him locked up. Jack and Lena wait for Claire and Camille to come home. Lena asks her why she trashed her room. She asks how Ben is doing; knowing Lena and him are probably together. Tommy sneaks out of bed in the middle of the night to go up to the attic. He goes through old photos and sees Rowan with Simon. The man he arrested looks just like him. Julie tells Victor to get some sleep. When she goes to the bathroom, she starts crying. Victor starts drawing a picture of a black lake. Julie takes off her shirt to reveal she was once a victim of the attacks that happened years earlier.

The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Lena: How do we know it's even her [Camille]?
Claire: Lena!
Lena: Haven't you heard of identity theft?
Jack: Don't be ridiculous.

Camille: I died, didn't I?
Lena: Yeah.
Camille: Are you afraid of me?
Lena: [shakes her head, no]
Camille: I'm afraid of myself.