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The Mercury 7 are at a press conference, and the competition between Alan and John is easy to see. Alan can barely speak, and he's having a very rough time, while John comes out like a charming, witty gentleman.

While watching the press conference on TV, Lou gets a call. She needs to look out her front door.

There is a whole squadron of press snapping photos and eager to speak with her. She doesn't take it well.

As John runs down the street, reports struggle to keep up with him as he makes profound statements.

Everyone is under intense, unprecedented scrutiny.

All John can think about is making history. Gordo's wife, Trudy, raced planes. You can tell she misses it.

When their daughter tells the Washington Star that the best thing about daddy being an astronaut is the family getting back together, they usher the fellow out of the house.

Bob's boss, Keith, wonders what Bob's problem is. It's that congress thinks they're the biggest money pit in the nation's history. All the more reason Keith, an old Hollywood guy, is running NASA. Even with all of the stars he had at Paramount, they never had a standing room only full of legit press asking Big Crosby what kind of casserole his wife made on Sundays.

Danny Strong (Shorty) says that people are just flat out interested in the ordinariness of the astronauts and their families.

Talking about money, they bend down, seeing John Glenn's smiling face beaming on film.

They don't even know where the astronauts will be situated. They're so far behind.

The guys tease John Glenn with his Name That Tune celebrity.

They have to win the hearts and minds of the American people or congress will cut their funding.

John takes to it like a fish to water, but everyone elses truggles in his wake. John asks the people to call their congressmen to express their support because it's a group effort for God and for freedom.

Alan never says the right thing, talking instead about kicking ass and chastising himself by saying '"shit" in front of reporters.

There's a big party. Leo DeOrsey has been trying to corner John all night. He gets him in the bathroom. He is a lawyer and an agent, hoping to help the new celebrities to help them cash in on the experience.

As an aside, looking to Google to help in the spelling of his name, I found a photo of the astronauts carrying Mr. DeOrsey's coffin.

A couple of guys thank Alan for everything he does before peeling out in their sweet car.

After noting the sweet car, a valet asks Alan, "Hey, did you hear John Glenn's inside?" Ouch.

After a long day, Gordo arrives home, a frown on his face. In the morning, there is a fellow outside leaning on his card. The man has been asking his daughter things. They're trying to get dirt on Gordo and Lou.

Alan laments the boring questions he gets about toothpaste and underwear and how it all ends up in print. Lou doesn't seem concerned, but Gordo worries that he'll be gone while the buzzards keep circling. He says he always protected their life. She says things are different now, and like it or not, that's what he signed up for. John Glenn is good at it, so if he really wants to be first, he's going to have to get used to the limelight. Alan mistakenly thinks that being a better is all that matters.

Gordo named one of his daughters Cam.

Everything for Gordo rides on his marriage. His entire future. Trudy knows how that feels.

Bob is getting calls from corporations wondering why other companies are getting preferential treatment when it comes to advertising.

Shorty gets a call. Something about Gordon Cooper.

Gordo and Trudy are on their way to John's house. He and Annie greet the couple warmly.

Photographs of the heroic John are all over the house. It's a much different environment than at the Cooper house.

Gordo met Trudy right off of one of her flights. Her flying impressed the heck out of him, and he tried wooing her with an infectious smile. She blew right past him, taking one last look, discovering her staring at him. He recalls her bathed in gold, looking at him. She smiled, and it blew him away.

Annie and Trudy hit it off. Trudy wanted to be the next Charles Lindbergh.

Trudy realizes meeting the press might be hard for Trudy, who has a terrible stutter. She says nobody minds a quiet woman, but she wishes John might be a little quiet now and again.

John counsels Gordo about the press and being in the public eye. Gordo punched a photographer. Shorty paid him off, but if he continues to go off halfcocked, the whole program will be at risk. None of them were at finishing school, though.

John calls Shorty asking about Leo DeOrsey, thinking maybe the lawyer is the solution to their problems.

Leo introduces Mr. Wainright to the Mercury 7. He has each of them on a cover of Life Magazine. He thinks it's one of the greatest stories every told, and he wants to be a part of it.

If they left Life in, they will keep everybody else out. In return, they'll get money, fame, immortality. Wally cuts to the chase. Tell them the number. Upon the reveal, there are smiles and laughter.

Gordon got both girls brand new banana-seat bikes with streamers on the handlebars.

Everything has changed. They cut a deal. Trudy can't believe he made a deal without talking to her. All the guys agreed, but they don't have everything to lose. It's $25,000 a year, three times Gordo's salary. They get to determine what's written, nobody else. It's a fresh start with their own story, and maybe she'll get back up in a plane again.

Later, they almost reconnect in the bedroom.

The astronauts are taken to Hanger S, the Center for Human Space Exploration. It's empty, devoid of aircraft. Dirty walls are getting a fresh coat of paint. And immediately upon entering the building, Alan hits on the first female he sees, a nurse.

Upon entering their barracks, Alan turns around and walks right back out. They're at a nearby hotel.

Lou is opening the mail. Someone has mailed Alan their panties.

Wainright visits the hotel, and recognizing that Alan isn't comfortable with reporters, offers that he can help him craft his own story.

Alan tells him that he wants to go fast and be left alone, so he can writing something himself.

Cam imagines flying, and closes her eyes while riding her bike, slamming right into a car.

Alan visits a local car dealer. He's going to get his fast.

The car dealer recognizes him immediately. He doesn't want to buy since he's only down there part-time, so maybe he can have a part-time car, too. He writes down a number -- $1. They're proud to have those boys down there.

John and Gordo are running. Gordo is hung over; John can smell the rum coming off of him. Up drives Alan with two gals in the front seat. He offers the guy's card to Gordo. The goodies are good down here.

Alan also gave Gordo a few dollar bills. He wonders why. John has no idea, either.

The Right Stuff
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The Right Stuff Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Alan: I'm a better pilot. That's all that matters in the end.
Lou: I wouldn't be so sure.

John: I don't think any of us could go along with this if we didn't have pretty good backing from home, rally. My wife's attitude toward this has been the same as it has been all along through all my flying, which is, it's what I want to do, she's behind it, and the kids are too, 100%. Honestly, Annie said I've been out of this world a long time, might as well go on out there.
Reporter: Uh, Mr. Shepard. Same Question. What does your wife say about all this?
Alan [looking like a deer caught in the headlights]: [clears throat] Uh, ahem, I have no problems at home. My family's in complete agreement.
Reporter: Oh, heh. Hmm. Of the medical tests, which one would you say you liked the least?
John: Well, I'll say this. If you can figure out how many openings there are on the human body and how far you can go into each of them, you can probably figure out which would be the toughest one for you.