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After 22 years on the air, Emmet Cole, star of the adventure reality series The Undiscovered Country goes missing with his ship the Magus and it’s crew. Just when he is legally declared dead and his son, Lincoln, holds a funeral, the ships distress beacon is located. The network is willing to send a crew to help his wife, Tess, find him, as long as Lincoln joins in the search for his estranged father and they film them every step of the way.

Once at the Amazon, the distress beacon is located in a cage under water. Emmet’s partner’s daughter, Lena arrives and leads the team to the Magus. They find no one on board, and a door sealed shut from the outside. Blasting inside the door, they find a soul catcher and inadvertently let out a nefarious soul from inside.

Emmet Cole was looking for magic, and he found it. It just wasn't what he expected.

The River
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The River Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Hi there. I'm on the Amazon. Not a lot of other Jews out here though.


There is magic out there!