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The Magus crosses paths with another ship, a seemingly ghost ship.

Tess' mayday calls are answered by a ship called the Exodus.

Kurt senses there is something wrong with the crew of the Exodus.

Lena and Jonas visit the Exodus and find Russ inside, handcuffed.

Kurt kills one of the Exodus crew, and they are not people.

Jonas successfully transmits a signal to the Magus for them to be tracked.

Lena finds out her father is already dead and cannot leave the ship.





The River
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The River Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Lincoln: This source, did he tell you what it was?
Jonas: Turns out, he didn't share very much while he was watching me get hanged by a tree. All I know is he said he was looking for these people. People who could show him the way.

Clark: What I mean to say is, isn't it possible you have other reasons for being here?
Kurt: My obligation is solely for the safety of this crew, yes.