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Might Emmet still be alive?!? Certain clues point in that direction on The River this week.

When they reach the abandoned outpost, they find Emmet's bloody hat leading to a room full of dead bodies.

In another room the discover pharmaceutical research notes and a giant vat holding a body with the symbol on Lincoln's necklace and Lena's neck.

Rabbit, the camera girl who was with Emmet in the jungle and left him is in the facility, alive.

The leaked specimen created a bunch of very fast, very hungry pharmaceutical zombies.

A dragonfly leads them to a large cocoon holding Emmet.

They cut open the cocoon, find Emmet alive and get him safely back to the Magus.

His dog, Salsa, refuses to board the boat.

Hana and another creature follow them to the Magus and Hana kills Rabbit.

Kurt kills Rabbit and Emmet rises from his coma state and kills the other as it attacks Tess.



The River
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The River Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Tess: What's that?
Lincoln: I think it's bone.
Clark: Coming out of his back.

Clark, those are people in there. Those are dead bodies.