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Officer John Nolan is tasked with leading roll call. One of the topics is a reminder to police officers not to accept freebies or favors. 

Officers Chen and Bradford respond to a break-in at a fertility clinic where embryos were stolen that were involved in a custody dispute.  They retrieve the embryos but when the two married women involved strike one another as they fight over them, both are arrested for domestic abuse. 

When Officer Jackson pulls over a woman who went through a stop sign, he offers no leniency even though she was rushing her poisoned dog to the veterinarian. 

Later, Officers Lopez and Jackson respond when a restaurant holds a scam artist who has been taking women out on expensive first dates then ditching and sticking them with the bill. Jackson is appalled when Lopez encourages the women to order dessert in order to increase the bill so that they can arrest the man on a felony instead of a misdemeanor. 

When Jackson chastises Lopez for not sticking to the rules, she reminds him that she didn’t stick to them when she wrote up her reports about his cowardice under fire when he first started and there’s a difference between righteous and rigid. 

Narcotics Detective Ortiz calls in a raid of a gang about to move $1 million in drug money. After everyone is arrested, the three rookies are tasked with watching the huge amounts of cash until the money counters arrive. 

After the officers leave, the money counters claim that $250,000 of the money is missing. Officers Nolan, Chen, and Jackson are all suspects and must take a polygraph test. When Chen admits to having lied in order to protect a fellow officer, the Captain changes the question to specifically ask if he lied about someone taking the money, to which Chen responds no. 

The officers pass the polygraph but until the money is found they know they won’t be trusted. 

While Officer Chen is on the phone with Nolan and West when three vehicles run her off the road. She opens fire on the armed men who chase her into the woods. It’s the gang leader Frank DeSantis wanting to know where the missing money is. 

Lucy recognizes the man’s boots. He was leaving the house carrying a duffel bag just before the raid. When she accuses him of taking the money, he shoots the other men, allowing Lucy to get the drop on him. She manages to fight him off before he can turn the gun on her and shoot her. Nolan arrives just in time to hand her his handcuffs. 

Captain Anderson heads to the hospital, where Detective Ortiz is being treated for a previous stab wound. Turns out Ortiz called DeSantis right before the raid, giving him the heads up to abscond with the money. Ortiz is arrested and handcuffed to his hospital bed. 


Nolan decides he should be paying Ben rent for living in the guest house.

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Officer Nolan: I thought officers were supposed to avoid making assumptions.
Officer Bishop: There’s a big difference between making an assumption and a likely scenario.
Officer Nolan: Which is? Oh, let me guess, if it comes from you it’s a likely scenario.
Officer Bishop: There’s hope for you yet, Officer Nolan.

Officer Chen: You haven’t received a single freebie since I’ve been with you so why didn’t you defend that to Grey.
Officer Bradford: Because hard rules like that are stupid. What we do doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Circumstance dictates action, not the other way around.