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Rachel was just offered her dream job in New York. Tim considers moving to New York and joining NYPD but Sgt. Grey tells him he’ll have to go through the NYPD police academy and start from the beginning. He’ll effectively be the John Nolan of the NYPD, something that Tim isn’t happy to hear. 


Rachel calls Bradford and Chen in when she suspects a mother is poisoning her son for attention. The son is taken to the hospital but there’s no obvious signs of poisoning. Rachel realizes that the entire neighborhood began using well water a few months ago and it may be contaminated but she’s devastated that she took the woman’s child from her unnecessarily. 


Rachel is surprised that Tim calls in some favors and gets the mother and son reunited, even though she’s leaving for New York. 


When Nolan runs into Grace and her ex at the hospital, he’s taken aback when she doesn’t introduce him as her boyfriend. Later, Grace explains that it didn’t feel like the right time for that since they were discussing a problem their son, Oliver was having at school. Nolan is even more perturbed when Grace cancels their date to meet with her husband to discuss Oliver’s issues and what to do about them. 


Nolan and Harper are assigned as escorts to a bunch of teenagers going through the Scared Straight program where they visit a prison. When they stop at a gas station to fuel up the transport van, Nolan offers to buy the teens snacks during a bathroom break. As Nolan is busy telling Harper that if you give kids respect you get respect, one of the teens, Fletcher, tries to steal the van. 


Hector, another teen, stops the van heist. Fletcher is taken back to juvenile detention while the rest head to the prison. Nolan suggests to the warden that Hector meets his brother who is an inmate. Hector aspires to be his brother but his brother is upset to see him there and begs him to do better.


A riot breaks out and Harper and Nolan get the kids out but go back to help when the warden is taken hostage. Nolan gets help from Oscar, the inmate who stabbed Wesley, because he knows Oscar is all about self-preservation. The warden agrees to give Oscar special privileges if he helps them get out. 


But in the end, it’s Hector’s brother who orders inmates to back down and let Harper, Nolan, and the warden pass through. He does it because Nolan and Harper got his brother to safety. 


Back at the station, Nolan tells Nick Armstrong his concerns about Grace not introducing him as her boyfriend when he realizes he’s never told Grace that he loves her. 


Grace comes to visit Nolan at work. Her husband wants to give their marriage another try for the good of their son. Grace tells Nolan she needs some time to figure out what she wants. 


The LAPD has adopted a pilot program to target officers who are most likely to get sued and Officer Lopez has been singled out as the officer most likely to be sued.  The person who created the software, Elvis, agrees to ride with Officer Lopez to gather more data. Lopez is concerned that if he doesn’t change his mind, she won’t make detective. 


Instead of taking easy calls, Lopez takes more dangerous calls to show Elvis what being a cop is really about. When there is an active shooter at Elvis’ office, West and Lopez are the first on the scene and head inside. They stop and arrest the shooter. 


Turns out that the software had pinpointed a Officer Angela Lopez in Vice, not our Lopez at all. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

The only way to show you I’m a good cop is to show you I’m a good cop.


Harper: Nothing like getting hit on by a 12-year-old delinquent to get your day started.
Fletcher: Hey yo, I’m 15.
Nolan: Not better.