Running Into Action - The Rookie
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SICK opener with a man on fire and Nolan under fire before a 97 minutes earlier tag. Like out of an action movie.

Angela and Wesley are checking out with the baby and check in on Celina who is talking to Grey and wants to have all the information she can on what's happening with Thorsen.

The others are on the ground still tryihng to figure out who is behind pulling off this explosion.

The bad guy goes oever things with his team and what's next on the agenda. Some of them getting are getting their weaponry  going and "Glenn" from secretary of Treasury enters a government building with his team, take out the security and steal all the weapons from the vault.

They get notification about the Federal Reserve checking in late and Nolan shows up at the bank where the latest incident is going down.

He assesses and sees blood in the lobby and asks for backup just when he's under fire by one of the men.

"Glenn" tells his righthand woman Syesha that they have to change the plan and sacrifice two of the people working with them. She explodes the armored tank. Nolan sees a man on fire running from it.

They're still under fire and "Glenn" shoots the suspect from above

The cops realize that they sniped their own guy and must have a backup esape plan through the tunnels. Grey, Nolan and Harper follow them down there and engage in more fire with the leader and others before he escapes.

Six weeks later time jump.

It's Nolan's last shift before his wedding and he tells Celina that  Harper will be taking over the training for her which she is nervous about.

They get called to a a guy whose wife's calls because he's speed driving while drunk in a residential area.

Celina and Harper talk about the superstitious curse of last shift ahead of a good event.

Bailey calls Nolan to tell him that the AC has gone out because of the wedding planner and she's nervous about  everything.

Thorsen returns to work on a motorcycle and Angela is back from maternity leave atthe same time.

Their update on the crew and the Federal Reserve robbery is that they have a sophisticated hacker who has covered their tracks well. None of the dead ones are even popping up anywhere.

Lucy is studying for the detective's exam and is frustrated that she has to deal with a person who has it out for her, so she rides with Bradford to prep.

While Nolan fixes the breaker they have a guy stop by saying he bought the property next door and he'll be tearing down the house that same weekend of their wedding.

They give Thorsen a welcome back. Grey tells Thorsen he won't be coddling him and that Thorsen has to see the shrink and be on desk duty utnil he deems him fit and cleared for duty.

Harper and Lopez get a hit on someone from the Federal Reserve crew. She calls the cop at the hospital who brought the guy in from a car accident to alert him of everything, and the suspect notices what's happening, sees the cop reach for his gun, and takes the nurse hostage. A shot goes off.

They arrive on the scene and there is blood everywhere. The cop thoguht he had a clear shot and hit the charge nurse instead of the supsect.

Now the suspect is barricaded in a room with the nurse as hostage.

The guy says he's never going to make it. He goes to kill the nurse and Harper takes the shot, killing him, even though they hoped to keep him alive so he could lead them to the crew.

Lucy spirals about the oral exam and Prim possibly tripping her up.

They tear the rental apartment apart hoping to find any clues before the other robbery crew members are alerted of the guy's death.

Celina is driving Nolan crazy constantly talking about "the curse."

Chenford respond to a case of a dead clown who was shot outside a home. Chen leads the call. Bradford tests her at the scene and Lucy continues spiraling. While she's freaking out trying to figure out what she missed, the sprinkler comes on, washing away evidence at their crime scene including the bullet casing used to kill the clown.

Lucy is unable to stop it from getting carried intot he sewer.

Harper keeps rehashing shooting the suspect and tells Angela she's going to have nightmares about all of this and she's not ready for James judging her when he finds out what hapepned.

Everyone hears about the "clown show" incident and makes fun of Chen.

Celina finds a secret panel in the kitchen that has a burner phone with only one number showing that they have daily check-ins at the same time and all the money and weapons.

They have two hours to figure out all they can before four o'clock.

Thorsen gives them an update that the phone they hacked into is on a specialty plane.

SOmehow they hack into the phone's camera, get great shots of the leader baddie and the other crew members, and Nolan and Grey head to the obnoxious sports car and use rev the engine, and pretend to have poor service to get the leader talking before dropping the call.

But the leader is suspicious. They destroy the phone. But they get facial matches on Boyd, the leader. Cyeshia, and Kim, the hacker.

They're armed robbers wanted in four states.

Celina and Grey encourage Nolan to sit it out for last shift, but he's determiend. Thorsen wants in, but he still has to ride the desk.

Lucy wants to skip the detective's exam because she's not ready.. But when Bradford tells her that she can wait, Chen feels like he doesn't beleive in her and she's unsupported.

Chen notices a woman who shows up at the clown crime scene crying and follows eher. She is rummaging through the garbage at the home. Chen finds the murder weapon and a bracelet with her name on it in the garbage. Megan confesses.

They show up at the plane hangar and arrest the othesr while Nolan almost gets Final Destinationed.

Angela and Grey try to interrogate Boyd, but he's  unfazed and Monica shows up to defend him.

Thorsen offers Nolan and Bailey his family's zen oasis for a wedding venue.

Monica calls in the Boyd situation to a client of hers and tells them about Boyd and how he faces down life and might talk and casually mentions that the person should do whatever they need to sleep better at night about it.

Lucy is upset with  Tim and feels like maybe he isn't really supporting her because he's afraid of a repeat like with Isabel and he's upset with her for implying that and insisting she knows he's feeling. He says he only had her back and wants to take a night apart.

Thorsen goes to see the cop shrink. She's a new therapist who has only been there six months. Blair. And he's smitten by her.

WHile getting transported, Boyd is shot in the head.




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The Rookie Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Grey: Hey, you okay?
Harper: Better than him.

Celina: Are you nervous?
Nolan: Nope.
Celina: Last shift before the wedding.
Nolan: Yup.
Celina: but you're still not nervous?