Ben tells Amy has needs some space.  Amy is angry and sad, but Ben has doubts about the relationship and thinks she's still has feelings for Ricky.  Jack and Shawna agree to see each other.  Laura and Madison stand by Amy  and Alice and Henry stand by Ben.  Adrian and Grace get into a catfight over Ricky, but end up being closer to each other in the end.  Grace's parents apologize to each other. Anne and George interview people interested in adopting Amy's baby, but George makes them leave before Anne can talk to them.  Ricky talks to Amy and Ben about the baby, making Amy upset.  George's gay co-worker talk to George and Anne about adopting Amy's baby and she agrees to to it.  Ricky tells Jack that he is done with Adrian and Grace and wants to be with Amy.  Amy tries to visit Ben, but his father stops them.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
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