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Cora and Mason are driving home from work. She wants a night off from the kids. He doesn't want to upset the flow of things. But for him, it means grabbing a beer and swinging over to the couch. After all, he has a wife and a mother, and he lives with his wife and lives next door to his mother. What a cushy life.

Later, he wants to have sex, proving his point by putting her hand on his hard package. She doesn't get to have a minute to herself.

He also didn't finish her off before ramming into her.

The next day, it's up to go to the beach. She has cooked, cleaned and done the laundry. He's still sleeping while she's folding clothes.

When she says he needs to get up, Mason says he's asked his mother to come over for dinner. Why? Because he loves her so much he just can't stay away. He thinks it's funny that Cora calls him a mama's boy. The reality is mom asked and he said no.

Cora places all of his clothes neatly folded on the chair and they're off to the beach.

Once there, she's looking at others, coveting their ability to parent. She swims outside the ropes, looking for her time alone. For a moment, it appears she contemplates going under the water and never emerging.

When she comes up, choking for air, Mason is screaming her name, holding their baby who is crying. He wants to know why she swam so far away.

In front of them are two couples on a beach blanket. The girlfriend puts on a CD of her boyfriend's old band, and they mess around. Cora watches him touching her and she gets angrier and angrier, tears forming in her eyes. The more he touches the girl, the more inside herself Cora becomes as if something is flashing before her. She runs over to him, telling him to stop and begins stabbing him with the knife she was using to peel an apple. When she realizes what she has done, her first instinct is to reach out to the young woman. She sees the woman as an extension of herself.

Det. Ambrose arrives on the scene to discover Cora already confessed post-Miranda.

He looks out at the calm lake. The trees, he notices, have a blight. It's an ecosystem out of balance.

Cora is having her photos taken, her nails clipped for evidence, etc. She's being processed after arrest with large doe eyes filled with tears.

She recalls saying her prayers as a child. Her little sister wasn't home but would be home before she knew it. She tells her dad she doesn't want her mama to come back.

Cora calls Mason, but he doesn't pick up the phone.

Her questioning begins after she's showered.

Her parents are dead. She wonders what's going to happen to her, but she doesn't want a lawyer.

Cora readily admits to killing Frankie Belmont at the beach and doesn't want to continue going over the details. When she tries to recall the details, she starts to see what seems to be a bedspread. She recalls stabbing him in his neck, throat, and face.

The officers are shocked to learn she never met Frankie.

Nobody has any idea why she did it, including Cora.

Ambrose is concerned. It's an impulse killing. Something isn't right. While the other officers agree, the DA has everything they need. They have to get it filed.

Mason drives up to the station, but he drives away. When Cora asks about him, the police have nothing to say. He never even bothered to call.

Once at County Jail, Cora begins crawling out of her skin because of her inability to sleep. She begs anyone to listen to her while she starts to claw at her clothing and pray while reeling back and forth on the floor.

Ambrose goes to see a woman who makes her living from banging two guys at once. He's lost his wife to his seedier side. This chick smacks him and makes him kneel. Ugh. I hate that shit.

His nails are black and blue because she steps on his hands. He keeps thinking about her. He's a sad, sad puppy.

Ambrose visits Mason, notices she keeps a good house. He also wonders why Mason hasn't been to see her. Mason hasn't given all of the information to the police yet, keeping back an important bit. When she was done killing Frankie, she told the girl, you're safe now, he's gone.

Cora is in jail recalling her mother returning home after giving birth to a baby sister. Her mother came home with a blue baby, barely alive, blaming the baby's ill health on Cora's strength. The only thing keeping her alive is their prayers and doing whatever HE commands.

Mason visits Cora, not willing to believe there's something wrong with her. Because he didn't show up the day before, he had no idea she was pleading guilty.

Cora tells Mason she never thought she would have a normal life, but she did, she did because of him.

Ambrose is working on behalf of Cora to get the guilty plea thrown out before Cora ever makes it in court.

Ambrose wonders why Frankie's friend didn't even get up off his towel. The guy sits back down. He admits it. He thought Frankie had it under control. He realizes it sounds crazy now, but after the first stab in Frankie's neck, Frankie grabbed Cora and looked into her eyes. He seemed to recognize her, and when he did, he let her go.


The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Cora: No. I've never met him before.
Det. Leroy: Then why kill him?
Cora [sneers]: Because they were playing that music and they were turnin' it up.

Ron: You should go to the station.
Lorna: You need to eat something.